5 Things to Invest Your Time In After Retirement

Most aging adults believe that retirement will be a much deserved period of relaxation and leisure. However, things rarely tend to go as planned. According to a study, the lack of stimulation and productive activities is a major cause of depression among retirees.

When the retirement phase starts, most people go through what’s called a honeymoon phase for the first 6 to 10 months. But after that, they crave for a more productive way to spend their golden years for a more happy and successful retirement.

Here are some ways you can use your retirement time in a more fulfilling way.


A smart way to plan for your retirement is to have enough funds that can help you enjoy spontaneous trips whenever you want. You can choose to go for local trips if your budget is stretched tight. Try to become a tourist in your own state or hometown. Check out the latest restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues that are easily accessible. Get memberships to local libraries and art museums and enjoy quiet afternoons with friends.

Learn Something New

You’re never too old to stop learning new things. Try your hand at some new hobbies such as painting, cooking gourmet food, playing an instrument that you always wanted to, or engage in games that stimulate your brain.


Volunteering is probably the most rewarding activity to engage in. Not only does it make you feel good about doing something good, but your contributions also improve someone else’s life. Teach at the local church, give your time to play with orphan children, or serve food to the homeless at your local soup kitchens.

Get a Part-Time Job

Being retired doesn’t mean you can’t work anymore. The local community centers and YMCAs appreciate any help they can get and have plenty of part-time opportunities available. This way you don’t have to worry about investing too much time and work stress. You can enjoy the extra pocket money while getting a sense of accomplishment at the same time!

Expand Your Social Circle

Contrary to popular misconception, being a retired individual doesn’t mean you have to be a recluse. Get out, go to a local bar, meet new people, go to social gatherings near your home, spend more time with your family, engage in spirited conversations, and make new friends! Don’t let the fact that you’ve retired prevent you from being a part of society!

AvantGarde Senior Living and Memory Care provides the ideal living environment for retirees in Calabasas, CA. We offer our residents the opportunity to interact with other people their age and enjoy various fun events arranged by our professional staff.

Our senior housing and assisted living community offers amenities such as movie theatres, outdoor BBQ, 8-hole putting course, free Wi-Fi, restaurant-style dining, hair salon, and so much more!

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Stress Management in Seniors

Experiencing a little stress every now and then is quite common. Everyone has those days when you feel anxious and frustrated when your life isn’t going according to plan. When we’re young, our bodies are well-equipped to handle these stressful situations. But as we age, our resilience and ability to cope with stress decreases.

According to a study published by the Harvard Medical School, our body copes with stress differently as we age. As the fitness of our heart and the capacity of our lung declines, our body finds it difficult to bounce back from stressful situations. Stress hormones can also trigger neurodegenerative diseases such as dementia by flushing out the good hormones from our brains.

The good news is that with proper care and stress-busting tips, you can prevent it from taking a toll on your body. Here are some top tips to get you started:

Meditation and Mindfulness:

Mindfulness means being aware of your surrounding and your inner turmoil. It allows you to focus on the present and let go of the past. It can be done through meditating or through some form of yoga.

Whether it’s breathing exercises, silent meditation, or simple stretches, practicing mindful meditation daily has shown significant positive effects among older adults. It has also shown the physical benefits of helping them feel relaxed and better equipped to handle stressful situations.

Engage More:

Whether it’s expanding your social circle, spending more time with family, or playing with a pet, engaging with others can help improve your move and alleviate the stress levels quickly. Having someone to talk to and understand what you’re going through can have significant positive results. It’s a great way to manage stress and to keep your mental health in check.

Write It Down:

Maintaining a daily journal is a wonderful way to cope up with the daily stress and responsibilities life throws at you. Not only does it help you understand what you’re feeling, but it also provides a different perspective. Writing what’s bothering you can make it clearer for you and help you deal with it effectively.

Be Involved:

Find a new hobby or participate in a social activity. This can help you fill in the idle time that you may otherwise spend fretting about things you can’t control. Try doing volunteer work or add some recreational fun into your daily routine. This will help increase your feelings of happiness by allowing you to be more productive and help you engage with others as well.

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Senior Living Community Myths: Debunked

The United States Census Bureau stated in a 2017 report that, the number of seniors living in the US is approximately 47 million. By 2050, over a fifth of the country’s population is expected to be of people of over 65 years of age.

When such a rapid increase in the aging population is predicted, it’s imperative to start planning for the residence of the elderly. Currently, there are more than 3,327 senior living communities in the US that provide housing, medical care and personal care to the retired people. But the truth is that the misconceptions surrounding senior living communities have the elderly avoiding them like the plague.

The benefits of living in a senior community are many, which is why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to debunk the myths you might have about it.

Here’s what you shouldn’t believe about senior living communities.

Myth 1: People Living in Senior Communities are Dissatisfied

One of the biggest myths about senior living communities is that the residents are unhappy and dissatisfied. This couldn’t be more wrong. According to a survey conducted by the Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA), 94% of the people are satisfied with the quality of life they get to enjoy living in senior communities.

Myth 2: Senior Housing Communities Feel like Institutions

If you imagine long white hallways, bleach odors and bright fluorescent lights when they think of senior living housing, then you should know that can’t be further from the truth. Senior living communities are extremely comfortable, homely and pleasant; they have beautiful décor, luxurious rooms and natural lighting; they’re nothing like a hospital.

Myth 3: Senior Living Communities Have Minimal Care

The residents’ safety, medical care and security are the top priorities at senior living communities. There are highly trained and experienced medical practitioners and caregivers present at the communities, 24/7 in case of any emergencies and to take care of the senior members’ everyday needs.

Myth 4: Senior Living Communities Aren’t Affordable

Senior living communities offer a wide range of amenities, housing, medical care and services at all-inclusive rates. The average cost of living in a senior community is comparatively lesser than living at home.

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Making the Move to a Senior Living Community: Tips and Guidelines

We’d all love to spend time with our elderly loved ones as long as we have them in our lives. Unfortunately, a lot of us don’t have this luxury; our circumstances can make it impossible for us to tend to their needs properly take care of them at home.

To make sure that they have the care they deserve, it’s important to find an assisted living community for them to ensure their safety and wellbeing. Here are some tips and guidelines to follow when moving your parents to a living community for the first time.

Don’t feel shy to ask for help

Moving your elderly loved ones to a living community requires a lot of effort and planning. You’ll need to find a living community that is suitable for your loved one and offers them personalized services so they can live a good lifestyle.

Moreover, you’ll need to pack and move all their stuff; which may be a difficult and time-consuming process. Don’t hesitate to ask your family and friends to help you out with the packing and moving process.

In addition to that, it can take a big toll on the emotional and mental health of both you and your elderly loved one. If either of you feels anxious, depressed, or overwhelmed, it’s important that you seek help from a counselor.

Visit before the final move

It’s important that you make a visit to the living community along with your elderly loved one before the final move. This will provide both of you with the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the community and get familiarized with the people, schedule, and staff.

Consequently, you’ll have peace of mind that your loved one is properly taken care of. Additionally, you must make sure to make frequent visits to the community until they’re completely adjusted to their new residence.

Get involved to help the transition process

The moving process is still not over after you’ve helped your loved one move. You need to make sure that they’re able to find activities and make friends in the community. Try to participate in family-inclusive activities and remind them of their past interests.

You can also engage in different activities to bond with your loved ones. For instance, take a language course together, schedule a game of chess every week, or perhaps plan workout sessions twice a week.

Looking for a Personalized Care Providing Community?

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Independent, Assisted or Memory Care: Which Lifestyle is Best for Your Loved Ones?

Before you decide which lifestyle will help your loved one live their life to the fullest, it’s extremely important that you understand what conveniences each one offers to make the right choice.

Let’s look at all three options in detail to help you ensure that your elder loved one is properly taken care of.

Independent Living

If you’re considering independent living for your elderly loved one, it’s important to ensure that they can live their lives comfortably and happily without needing any sort of assistance or help.

However, this can be subjective; for instance, they might be able to take care of themselves without any assistance, but they might be able to live a better life with extra help in their daily routine.

Having access to housekeeping, chef-prepared meals, and other amenities will enable them to pursue their passions with family and friends while having everything else taken care of.

Assisted Living

An assisted living community makes for a great housing solution for your elderly loved one if they can live their life independently, but also requires assistance in their day-to-day tasks.

Your loved ones will have a helping hand while performing daily tasks such as bathing, dressing, taking their medication, and several other activities.

There’s properly trained staff available that understand the requirements of the members of the community and know how to help them lead a comfortable, healthy lifestyle.

In conclusion, they offer just the right level of care that’s required for your elderly loved ones to triumph in this new phase of their life.

Memory Care

If your elderly loved one is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, it may drastically reduce their aptitude and ability to lead a regular lifestyle

Depending on the severity of their condition, they might become aggressive or hostile, feel energetic at night, wake up every few minutes, or experience extensive memory loss.

In such instances, memory care community is the best option for them, as it’ll grant them access to round-the-clock medical care from a professional caregiver, which is necessary to ensure their safety and wellbeing.

In addition to that, your elderly loved one will get to indulge in activities, such as arts and crafts, music, and games, which can help to stimulate the memory and slow the progression of the disease they have.

The staff that works at memory care perfectly understands the challenges pertaining to Alzheimer’s disease and dementia; which enables them to provide your loved one with everything they might need.

Which Lifestyle is Best for Your Loved Ones?

When deciding which lifestyle is best for your loved ones; there are three basic parameters that must consider:

  • Level of required assistance
  • Level of daily activity
  • Level of required medical attention

If your elderly loved one is physically active and doesn’t require any sort of assistance, only then can independent living be a suitable choice for them.

If they’re fairly active, but do require assistance with day to day tasks, they will find an assisted living community to be a much better option.

Finally, if they’re suffering from a medical condition that requires extensive care and attention—such as Alzheimer’s disease or dementia—a memory care community is the ultimate choice for them.

Looking for a Personalized Care Providing Community?

If you’re looking for a reliable memory care or senior living community in Beverly Hills, CA for your elderly loved one, contact AGS Living.

Our memory care and assisted living community offers customized care to elderly people and emphasizes personalized solutions.

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4 Dietary Recommendations for Older Adults

One of the most important factors for a healthy lifestyle is keeping up with your body’s dietary requirements. Our nutritional needs change as we age, and what may have been a good enough snack at 20 may have detrimental consequences at 50. This is why it’s even more important for older adults to be very careful about what they eat, and maintain the intake of the right nutrients.


Calcium is essential for bone health, and older individuals need it even more intensively to prevent fractures and dislocated joints. As we age, our bones and joints become more fragile and are prone to breakage even after slight movements. Hence, having a calcium-rich diet is imperative to keep the bone tissue nourished and strengthened.

This can be done by incorporating dark green and leafy vegetables, fruit juices, fortified cereals, canned fish, and milk in your meals. Additionally, calcium supplements can also be taken each day.

Vitamin B12

Aging also reduces the body’s vitamin B12 absorption ability. This is why older adults often end up not getting sufficient amounts of B12 that’s typically bound to proteins in different types of foods.

It’s recommended that individuals over the age of 50 incorporate B12 fortified foods regularly to meet the vitamin B12 requirements. Including lean meat, seafood, and fortified cereals in your meals a few times a week is a great way to do this.


Fiber has an important role in keeping the digestive tract functioning smoothly. It helps prevent constipation and other bowel system issues by promoting regularity and enabling peristalsis to occur frequently.

In older individuals, digestive complications are more common, often triggered by the effects of medication. Fiber is needed to prevent these ailments, and also reduce the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Cereals, beans, and whole-grain breads are an excellent way to maintain fiber intake.


Potassium not only counters the negative effects of sodium, but also enables individuals to perform physically well. Potassium-rich foods, when taken in moderation, can help your heart health and lower the risks of hyperventilation.

Older individuals should incorporate vegetables such as potatoes, turnips, spinach, kale, beans, and beet in their diet. Fruits such as cantaloupes, avocados, and squash should also be included.

At AvantGarde Senior Living & Memory Care, we take special care of the dietary needs of your senior loved ones. Our independent living and assisted living services for older adults are geared to provide a safe and comfortable environment for them, with particular regard for their dietary requirements and restrictions.

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Eating Healthy: A Caregiver’s Guide

When it comes to dietary planning, there’s no standard rule that applies to all individuals. Everybody has their own nutritional needs, and it’s important for caregivers to understand these before they can proceed with designing meal plans.

Moreover, eating healthy entails more than just cooking the right set of ingredients. Here’re a few tips for caregivers to implement a healthy eating lifestyle for their senior attendees.

Be Observant During Mealtimes

Mealtimes are a chance for you to obtain valuable insight into your senior attendee’s eating habits and food preferences. By simply observing their eating patterns during breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you can pick up a lot about what they like and dislike, as well as their eating concerns.

Take for instance your elderly loved one’s behavior when they’re given porridge for breakfast, as opposed to eggs and toast. Do they seem to prefer one over the other? Do they always refuse a certain item in meals? Do they find it easier to drink milk through a straw instead of directly from the glass?

Being observant during mealtimes also helps you detect any danger signs of them having trouble swallowing or chewing their food. In case they develop a severe and sudden coughing fit or start to choke, you can swiftly help them out in that scenario. Keeping an alert eye out for any possible eating mishaps can help prevent them and make mealtimes easier for your senior loved one.

Make Mealtimes Enjoyable

Mealtimes don’t have to be dull and monotonous! Just because your elderly loved one needs to have their meals at a specific time of the day, due to either personal preferences or medical requirements, doesn’t mean they can’t have fun with their food. In fact, if they enjoy their food, they’re likely to be in a better mood as well and actually look forward to their meals.

To avoid mealtimes becoming a boring and mechanical affair, try mixing up the routine a bit. Have meals together as a family, and don’t hold back from experimenting with new flavors and dishes. Make meal preparation fun for yourself too, so that you may enjoy it as well. You can even involve your loved one in this activity, having them assist you with sorting out the vegetables or peeling the fruits, as long as it doesn’t tire them.

Be Wary of Dietary Restrictions

Know your senior loved one’s dietary needs before you begin meal planning and preparing. If they suffer from a chronic illness or a medical condition that requires them to be extra careful if what they eat, make sure you’re aware of the restrictions and recommendations.

It’s best if you consult with a certified dietician for this. This’ll help you stay on the right track while shopping for ingredients and preparing meals, and ensure that your loved one is getting the healthiest options.

At AvantGarde Senior Living & Memory Care, our skilled nursing staff is very particular about each of our resident’s dietary needs, and provides a pleasant dining environment for them to have their meals at.

Call us at (818) 881-0055 to get in touch with our senior care team in Calabasas!

How Pet Therapy Helps the Elderly

Pet therapy or animal-assisted therapy has been found to have several health benefits for older adults in numerous studies. From physical fitness to mental health, animals have a certain therapeutic impact on one’s health, making them excellent companions for the elderly.

Pet Therapy for Physical Fitness

Studies have shown that pet ownership can significantly reduce the number of cardiovascular problems reported each year. This is a huge finding, especially since cardiovascular disease is the biggest cause of death in the US.

According to research, people who have pets are at a lower risk of hypertension and abnormal heart behavior.  In fact, they tend to outlive individuals who don’t have pets. Older adults who experience pet therapy reportedly have a greater survival rate and lower risks of heart disease.

Apart from this, pet therapy is also a great way for older individuals to stretch their legs and get some exercise on a regular basis. Depending on their own mobility, they can take their pets out for walks or simply participate in feeding and cleaning up after them inside the house.

Spending quality time with their pets, be it dogs or birds, can help them relax and also stay active.   It stabilizes their heart rate, reduces stress, and keeps them involved with their pets even if means getting some fresh air outside or playing “fetch”.

How It Helps with Mental Health

Physical fitness isn’t the only thing pet therapy is helpful for. It also plays a huge role in improving one’s mental health.

Ask anyone about their pets, and they’ll tell you how happy their animal companions make them. For most pet owners, their pets are a part of their family, as close to them as any other family member. The simple fact is that animals make us happy, and thus, we feel a lot better when surrounded by our pets.

For senior loved ones, this is even more fruitful as it helps in calming their nerves and keeping them relaxed. By reducing mental stress and relieving anxiety, it enables them to interact with their loyal friends. Being with their pet can provide emotional support and stability, especially during stressful situations. Not to mention, caring for the animals gives them a sense of self-confidence and boosts their self-esteem as they feel responsible for their pets’ needs.

Exposure to pets also helps elderly individuals enhance their socialization skills. It’s particularly beneficial for individuals who struggle with articulating their thoughts or hesitate to express their emotions. In the company of their pet, they can be expressive and share their thoughts more easily. This ultimately helps them communicate better with their family and friends as well, while giving them the assurance that they’re being heard without judgment.

AvantGarde Senior Living & Memory Care in Calabasas has a pet-friendly policy, and encourages animal-assisted therapy at their senior living community.

Call us at (818) 881-0055 to learn more about our senior living homes!

Retiring in Comfort: The Advantages of Living in Assisted Care Communities

Also known as, ‘residential care communities’ according to the CDC, assisted care communities for seniors are living arrangements that are tailored to fit the needs of senior loved ones so they get the support and care that they deserve and require.

Given there were almost 15,800 assisted living communities in America in the year 2015 alone, it’s safe to say that they’re a better care option that nursing homes, as assisted living communities are twice as many in number.

That’s because there are plenty of advantages of living in assisted living and care communities.

They Make it Easier to Find Friends

One of the woes of life after retirement is that many senior loved ones often have limited social life and interaction. This leads to social isolation, which has been found to have a strong connection with the progression of diseases in old age. In fact, social isolation and subsequent loneliness can have a detrimental effect on the mental health of retirees and might lead to depression. Living in an assisted care community will not only provide for the care that’s needed in old age but the communal structure also helps senior loved ones find companionship in their later years. Finding friends that are in the same boat helps people rejuvenate and help each other heal.

24/7 Professional Care Available

Quality assisted living communities are known for providing 24/7 medical care for their residents. The personnel and staff members are high-skilled and trained to provide living assistance at all times.

Residents often need help with daily routine activities, such as bathing, and medication. Assisted living communities can provide prompt assistance and care without making the residents feel exposed to incompetent. This is great for their self-esteem as well as for their health and hygiene.

Living on Your Own Terms

Just because you’ve retired, it doesn’t mean it’s the end of life!

Quite the opposite actually. Since, after retirement you have plenty of free time on your hands, you can utilize it doing things and activities that interest you! Assisted living communities are equipped to accommodate your unique lifestyles and help you live life on your own terms. Residents can live in individual apartments with attached baths and walk-in closets that offer complete privacy.

Peace of Mind

When you find a top-grade and comprehensive assisted living community in your area, you enjoy the best advantage of all; the advantage of achieving peace of mind because you’re ensured that your loved ones are in quality care and a home-like environment with people who care for them. This is a sigh of relief for friends and family of the resident and a joyful experience for the resident!

So if you’re also looking for a quality assisted community for your loved ones or even yourself, make sure you take a virtual tour of AvantGarde Senior Living and Memory Care. Our assisted living community in Hollywood, CA is a licensed and quality community for your loved ones. Get in touch with us today!


3 Creative Ways of Keeping Seniors Active

Slowing down physically and mentally is all part of the natural process of growing old. Sometimes, the decline in mobility may be due to joint aches and pains or a lack of friends or family to engage with. However, staying fit is an effective means of retaining independence and enjoying a healthy lifestyle, as stated by the National Institute of Health.

Activity in general – whether it is mental or physical – plays a key role in keeping the mind active and preventing illnesses. In this blog, we’ll take a look at 3 creative ways you can help keep seniors active.


Joining a society or club is one of the best ways of staying active. Community organization runs and special interest groups for the elderly encourage movement and help keep them engaged. Activities such as social events, afternoon teas, and games assist in stimulating both mind and body.

Additionally, socializing via a society or club is a powerful tool in fending off feelings of loneliness and depressions that commonly plague older adults spending long periods of time indoors. It’s also beneficial for seniors receiving care for dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Even those living with an in-house caregiver should venture out and enjoy the company of like-minded people.

Physical Exercise

While extreme temperatures can make it difficult to engage in physical exercise, there are still a large number of senior exercises that are less strenuous and can easily be performed on wheelchairs. Seniors with mobility issues benefit the most from consistent exercise regimen.

From simple actions that involve wrist movements and lifting the legs to swimming, physical exercise is a great way to beat depressions, meet new people, and refresh the mind.


With the abundance and easy access to video games, the options for staying mentally active are limitless. Puzzles and board games are also great ways to socialize and keep the mind active. The recent trend of elders playing video games has proven to be a great tool for keeping seniors busy. In fact, one study shows how playing video games actually improved mobility in seniors after a stroke.

Different types of games have different benefits for the brain. For example, playing 3D games increases the visual system’s engagement levels in the brain. Anyone with access to the internet can play such games and be part of an online community.

Other ways of keeping seniors active are to include them in light, household chores and encourage them to actively learn about new things. AvantGarde Senior Living is a senior housing community in Van Nuys, California. Contact us today for more information.