3 Creative Ways of Keeping Seniors Active

Slowing down physically and mentally is all part of the natural process of growing old. Sometimes, the decline in mobility may be due to joint aches and pains or a lack of friends or family to engage with. However, staying fit is an effective means of retaining independence and enjoying a healthy lifestyle, as stated by the National Institute of Health.

Activity in general – whether it is mental or physical – plays a key role in keeping the mind active and preventing illnesses. In this blog, we’ll take a look at 3 creative ways you can help keep seniors active.


Joining a society or club is one of the best ways of staying active. Community organization runs and special interest groups for the elderly encourage movement and help keep them engaged. Activities such as social events, afternoon teas, and games assist in stimulating both mind and body.

Additionally, socializing via a society or club is a powerful tool in fending off feelings of loneliness and depressions that commonly plague older adults spending long periods of time indoors. It’s also beneficial for seniors receiving care for dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Even those living with an in-house caregiver should venture out and enjoy the company of like-minded people.

Physical Exercise

While extreme temperatures can make it difficult to engage in physical exercise, there are still a large number of senior exercises that are less strenuous and can easily be performed on wheelchairs. Seniors with mobility issues benefit the most from consistent exercise regimen.

From simple actions that involve wrist movements and lifting the legs to swimming, physical exercise is a great way to beat depressions, meet new people, and refresh the mind.


With the abundance and easy access to video games, the options for staying mentally active are limitless. Puzzles and board games are also great ways to socialize and keep the mind active. The recent trend of elders playing video games has proven to be a great tool for keeping seniors busy. In fact, one study shows how playing video games actually improved mobility in seniors after a stroke.

Different types of games have different benefits for the brain. For example, playing 3D games increases the visual system’s engagement levels in the brain. Anyone with access to the internet can play such games and be part of an online community.

Other ways of keeping seniors active are to include them in light, household chores and encourage them to actively learn about new things. AvantGarde Senior Living is a senior housing community in Van Nuys, California. Contact us today for more information.