3 Creative Ways to Personalize Your Senior Living Apartment

You’re prepared to take one of the biggest steps of your life!

You did your research and found the perfect senior living community that exceeds all your expectations! It fits your needs and you’re ready to relocate.

To make the transition from your old home to the senior living apartment smooth and easy, make sure you design and personalize your space. This way you can feel right at home in your new living space.

No, you don’t have to be an interior designer or hire one just to make the most of your new apartment. All you have to do is follow these tips and turn the foreign place into a familiar and comforting environment.

Let’s now head into discussing some ways you can personalize your senior living apartment.

1. Hang Up Pictures

Getting used to a new living space can be exceptionally hard. It can take a toll on your emotional well-being. The best way to make a foreign place to start feeling like home is to fill it with happy memories you share with your loved ones. You can hang pictures of your children, your grandkids and your friends in your new apartment which will ease up the transition period.

2. Paint the Walls (If Allowed)

A large number of senior living communities allow their residents to paint their apartments with the color of their choice. If the community you’re relocating to provides this flexibility, then you can customize your new living space with a color that’ll help you settle right in.

3. Put Indoor Plants

You can brighten up your new apartment by adding indoor plants to the interior. There are many benefits that come with having plants in your living space; these include improved air quality, lower levels of depression and more feelings of happiness.

Before you personalize your new living space, here are some things that you should keep in mind.


While you’re decorating your apartment, make sure you give extra attention to the aspect of accessibility. If you have fellow senior living residents coming over to your apartment, you should consider that they may have walkers or wheelchairs.


It’s important to keep your apartment well-lit. Install bright lights in the kitchen, bathroom, corners, balconies and wardrobes.


Storage might be limited in the new apartment, so before you move in, make a note of downsizing your belongings, especially your wardrobe, and give away what you don’t need.

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Pets in Assisted Living Care: How Can Our Furry Friends Help?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, heat-related illnesses and fatalities can be prevented easily. However, approximately 700 people still die every year because of extreme heat in the United States.

While too much heat isn’t good for anyone, adults are at an increased risk of health problems when it comes to hot weather.

The umbrella term for the different illnesses caused by extreme heat is hyperthermia. These problems include heat syncope, heat cramps, heat edema and heat exhaustion.

In this blog we’ll focus primarily on heat exhaustion and how it can be prevented in older adults.

What’s Heat Exhaustion?

Heat exhaustion is essentially the body’s response to excessive loss of water and salt because of heavy sweating. Older adults along with people with high blood pressure and those who work in hot environments are especially vulnerable to this condition.

The symptoms of heat exhaustion include:

  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Thirst
  • Weakness
  • Headache
  • Sweating

Preventing Heat Exhaustion in Older Adults

Here are some precautionary measures the elder people should follow to beat heat exhaustion.

Increase Liquid Intake

As the water and salt levels in the body decrease because of excessive sweating, and cause dehydration, it’s extremely important to make up for the lost amounts by increasing your liquid intake. Even if you’re not thirsty, make sure you consume water or juice every other chance you get.

Dress Appropriately

Weather-appropriate dressing can help you prevent heat exhaustion. When it’s hot outside, wear light colors, loosely fitted and lightweight clothes. A hat and sunglasses are also must-haves.

Limit Outdoor Activity

During the mid-day hours, when the sun is at its peak, it’s better to stay inside. Outdoor activities and errands should be done when it’s relatively cool outside, which is either after 6 p.m. or before 10 a.m.

Seek Air-Conditioned Environments

If you don’t have an air conditioner at home, we suggest that you find a cool place such as the library, mall or a senior center to spend the hottest parts of the day.

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What’s the Empty Nest Syndrome and How Can Senior Adults Overcome It?

All parents want their children to grow up into responsible adults and lead independent and successful lives. They encourage their kids to dream big and to achieve those objectives. However, when the time comes for children to move out of the house to pursue their goals in life, parents often start feeling lonely, sad and depressed. This is called empty nest syndrome.

Even though it’s not a clinical disorder, the empty nest syndrome can have some real effects on a person’s life. Research suggests that it can lead to depression, alcoholism, marital conflicts and identity crisis.

If you have children who’ll soon be moving out of your house, make sure you’re ready to overcome the empty nest syndrome with these tips.

Identify Your Roles

While being a parent to your child was the most important part of your life, the truth is that, there are many more roles that you play. These include, being a neighbor, a daughter or a son, a cousin, an aunt or an uncle and more. Now that you have more time at your hands, you can become more involved in your other roles to ensure that you keep on feeling valuable.

Pursue Fulfilling Activities

Parenthood can easily take over your whole life. You hardly get enough time to pursue your hobbies and what you love to do. But with your children moving out, you’ll finally have spare time; so make sure that you use it to participate in fulfilling activities. You can volunteer at a local shelter, take a class or join a club that you’ve always wanted to try out.

Seek Spousal Support

Not all parents experience the empty nest syndrome when their youngest child leaves home. If your spouse fails to notice that you’re feeling lonely, make sure you share your thoughts and concerns with them. On the other hand, if your spouse is the one dealing with the syndrome, you should be there for them for support.

Consider Relocating to Senior Housing Community

One of the most effective ways to beat the empty nest syndrome is to relocate to a senior living community. A place filled with like-minded people, and countless opportunities to socialize and live an exciting life is just what’s needed to overcome your sadness.

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3 Most Frustrating Things About Being Chronically Ill

The next time you read the words: ‘health is the greatest blessing,’ pause before you mock the cliché. When a young and healthy person is derogatory toward such statements, it reeks of privilege. Health and fitness are nature’s gifts, but this gift doesn’t come without the responsibility to value it while it lasts.

It’s convenient to stereotype old people as cranky, frustrated and weak when you don’t know the struggle they live through every day. While aching joints and weak muscles are problems enough, their drooping shoulders are further weighed down under the burden of chronic illnesses.

If you’re wondering why terminal or chronic illnesses strike during our later years, it’s because your immunity weakens with age, making you more susceptible to them. Chronic illnesses not only take a toll on your overall health and wellbeing, but also severely affect your mood. Imagine living with searing back pain throughout the night and day and still keep a smile on your face. It’s hard to stay happy in the worst of times. Here are a few things that make you sick of being sick!


Experiencing the same kind of pain monotonously every day is a different degree of painful. When you talk about chronic pain, we can’t emphasize the word chronic enough, because we literally mean all day, every day. Under such circumstances, random bouts of frustration over the ceaseless pain are reasonable.

Confusing Diagnoses

When you’re in pain, there’s nothing like the hope of a cure to make you smile on the bluest of days. Even though a ‘cure’ is sometimes a fantasy for people with chronic pain, the struggle of going from doctor to doctor is the only hope you have.

The medical industry has made huge strides in the last few decades, but patients of chronic conditions still complain about confusing diagnoses. You may be suffering from an illness that has been ruled out on several grounds by multiple modalities before. Therefore, dealing with the confusion that comes with conflicting diagnoses is an added stressor that affects your mood.

Rigid Schedules

Being on pain medication and other prescription drugs can put you on a pretty stringent schedule. This will most likely rule out socialization, family time, and professional growth.

If you can’t stay up past your prescribed bedtime because of the effect of tranquilizers, that won’t stop your friends from hanging out and, naturally, you’ll miss out.


If you’re told to cut down on certain foods due to cholesterol problems, you can’t hang out with your buddies at a barbecue party.

The point is, your medical condition will do more than impede routine things; it’ll go the extra mile and influence your social life as well. It’s important to protect our senior loved ones from social isolation because of their illness. The best way to start their emotional rehabilitation is by not criticizing them for being frustrated all the time, because they really can’t help being in pain.

We’re an independent assisted living community in Beverly Hills CA which helps senior loved ones dealing with chronic illnesses enjoy the simpler luxuries of life. With our amenities, we intend to make their life as comfortable (apart from their illness) as possible. Contact us for more details.

What is Parkinson’s Disease and Can it be treated?

A worrying statistic was released by the Parkinson’s Foundation recently. According to the organization, nearly one million people in the US are going to develop Parkinson’s disease by 2020.

This combined number is higher than that of those diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s Disease, muscular dystrophy, and multiple scoliosis. What’s worse, it’s increasing by 6,000 each year.

Yet, despite a large portion of the population living with this condition, a lot of us aren’t aware of what the root cause of the disease is, why it happens, or whether it’s hereditary or not.

As a community that caters to a number of senior citizens in different parts of California including Beverly Hills, AvantGarde Senior Living can help you understand the situation if your loved one has been diagnosed with the disease.

Understanding Parkinson’s Disease

A disorder of the nervous system, Parkinson’s disease is a progressive disease which causes brain cells to progressively die. Typically seen a slight tremor in one’s limbs at first, the disease can cause a number of other symptoms over time, such as well as slowness and stiffness in one’s limbs. Eventually, these symptoms worsen until the person can’t function effectively.

The patient’s facial muscles become a lot less responsive and any instinctive behavior does not come as normally as it should. For example, the person will not be able to swing their arms as one does when they walk. Their speech also becomes slow and slurred. In the coming years, the patient’s health will deteriorate to the point that they’ll be unable to live without assistance.

Causes of Parkinson’s Disease

The condition occurs when neurons in the brain start breaking down. This causes vital cell death. The cells in question in this case are responsible for producing dopamine, which is a necessary chemical that helps the brain control coordination and movement. The faster the cell death, the worse the patient’s symptoms will be.

Although we know the ‘what’ of Parkinson’s disease, researchers still have not been able to narrow down ‘why’ it occurs.

Some studies suggest that environmental factors might be to blame. Others suggest genetic factors and even one’s diet and exposure to certain metals and pesticides.

Can it Be Treated?

Parkinson’s disease cannot be cured; but it can be treated.

Doctors may recommend medication therapy or even surgery, which can help the patient live an active life for years and even decades. However, once their condition starts getting serious, they will require assistance.

And that’s where we can help.

As an assisted living community, AvantGarde Senior Living in Beverly Hills, CA can be your loved one’s new home if they require premium care. For further information, contact us and let us help your loved one live a happier, cared-for life!

5 Things to Invest Your Time In After Retirement

Most aging adults believe that retirement will be a much deserved period of relaxation and leisure. However, things rarely tend to go as planned. According to a study, the lack of stimulation and productive activities is a major cause of depression among retirees.

When the retirement phase starts, most people go through what’s called a honeymoon phase for the first 6 to 10 months. But after that, they crave for a more productive way to spend their golden years for a more happy and successful retirement.

Here are some ways you can use your retirement time in a more fulfilling way.


A smart way to plan for your retirement is to have enough funds that can help you enjoy spontaneous trips whenever you want. You can choose to go for local trips if your budget is stretched tight. Try to become a tourist in your own state or hometown. Check out the latest restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues that are easily accessible. Get memberships to local libraries and art museums and enjoy quiet afternoons with friends.

Learn Something New

You’re never too old to stop learning new things. Try your hand at some new hobbies such as painting, cooking gourmet food, playing an instrument that you always wanted to, or engage in games that stimulate your brain.


Volunteering is probably the most rewarding activity to engage in. Not only does it make you feel good about doing something good, but your contributions also improve someone else’s life. Teach at the local church, give your time to play with orphan children, or serve food to the homeless at your local soup kitchens.

Get a Part-Time Job

Being retired doesn’t mean you can’t work anymore. The local community centers and YMCAs appreciate any help they can get and have plenty of part-time opportunities available. This way you don’t have to worry about investing too much time and work stress. You can enjoy the extra pocket money while getting a sense of accomplishment at the same time!

Expand Your Social Circle

Contrary to popular misconception, being a retired individual doesn’t mean you have to be a recluse. Get out, go to a local bar, meet new people, go to social gatherings near your home, spend more time with your family, engage in spirited conversations, and make new friends! Don’t let the fact that you’ve retired prevent you from being a part of society!

AvantGarde Senior Living and Memory Care provides the ideal living environment for retirees in Calabasas, CA. We offer our residents the opportunity to interact with other people their age and enjoy various fun events arranged by our professional staff.

Our senior housing and assisted living community offers amenities such as movie theatres, outdoor BBQ, 8-hole putting course, free Wi-Fi, restaurant-style dining, hair salon, and so much more!

For more details about our comprehensive services for the seniors take a virtual tour of retirement facilities or call us at (818) 881-0055.

5 You Might Not Have Known About Assisted Living

Senior living designers have worked tirelessly for over a period 30 years to revolutionize the concept of assisted living and assisted living communities to make them feel more like home; this is all an effort to allow residents to enjoy a better quality of life.

Unfortunately, the lack of awareness regarding assisted living has people confused over whether or not it’s a good idea to live in an assisted community.

Here’s what you need to know about assisted living communities to ease your mind.

1. They Offer Various Levels of Care

Assisted living communities offer many different levels of personal and medical care to suit the needs and interests of all their residents. For instance, some communities provide memory care for the elderly struggling with memory loss.

2. Every Community Is Unique

There’s no standard size or shape for assisted living communities. Each community has its own features, its amenities and varying levels of care it offers. For example, while one community might be traditionally designed, another one could be more modern in its entire set up. Make sure you visit the assisted living community in person to see if it suits your lifestyle before making your final decision.

3. Many Communities Are Pet-Friendly

Think you’ll have to let your furry friend go if you decide to live in an assisted living community? We’re happy to tell you that it isn’t true! Many communities understand the importance of companionship and so they offer senior people a chance to bring along their pets when they move in.

4. They Offer Many Opportunities To Socialize

Most people and their families have the impression that assisted living communities are boring and those living in them are lonely. But the truth is that assisted living communities offer a lot of opportunities to socialize and make friends. Residents participate in games and crafts, do regular exercise and go on trips together where they get the chance to know each other and spend quality time together.

5. People Can Make Their Own Schedules

Residents of an assisted living community aren’t bound by a strict schedule or timetable. In fact, they have the freedom and independence to decide what they want to do throughout the day. They also have caregivers to assist them with their schedules.

If you’re looking for an outstanding and comprehensive assisted living program in Calabasas, CA, you should get in touch with AvantGarde Senior Living and Memory Care.

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Senior Living Community Myths: Debunked

The United States Census Bureau stated in a 2017 report that, the number of seniors living in the US is approximately 47 million. By 2050, over a fifth of the country’s population is expected to be of people of over 65 years of age.

When such a rapid increase in the aging population is predicted, it’s imperative to start planning for the residence of the elderly. Currently, there are more than 3,327 senior living communities in the US that provide housing, medical care and personal care to the retired people. But the truth is that the misconceptions surrounding senior living communities have the elderly avoiding them like the plague.

The benefits of living in a senior community are many, which is why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to debunk the myths you might have about it.

Here’s what you shouldn’t believe about senior living communities.

Myth 1: People Living in Senior Communities are Dissatisfied

One of the biggest myths about senior living communities is that the residents are unhappy and dissatisfied. This couldn’t be more wrong. According to a survey conducted by the Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA), 94% of the people are satisfied with the quality of life they get to enjoy living in senior communities.

Myth 2: Senior Housing Communities Feel like Institutions

If you imagine long white hallways, bleach odors and bright fluorescent lights when they think of senior living housing, then you should know that can’t be further from the truth. Senior living communities are extremely comfortable, homely and pleasant; they have beautiful décor, luxurious rooms and natural lighting; they’re nothing like a hospital.

Myth 3: Senior Living Communities Have Minimal Care

The residents’ safety, medical care and security are the top priorities at senior living communities. There are highly trained and experienced medical practitioners and caregivers present at the communities, 24/7 in case of any emergencies and to take care of the senior members’ everyday needs.

Myth 4: Senior Living Communities Aren’t Affordable

Senior living communities offer a wide range of amenities, housing, medical care and services at all-inclusive rates. The average cost of living in a senior community is comparatively lesser than living at home.

Looking for a luxurious senior living community in Calabasas, CA? Consider AvantGarde Senior Living and Memory Care.

We’re a certified Positive Approach to Care (PAC) community, providing excellent retirement facilities, top-notch services and amenities to suit the unique interests and needs of all our residents.

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Designing the Ideal Bedroom for Senior Persons

Elderly people who have limited mobility spend most of their time in the bedroom. And when designed smartly—and with care—the space can become a safe haven for them. By making just a few simple changes and taking some important safety factors into consideration, you can allow your elderly loved ones to live a comfortable, relaxed lifestyle. Let’s discuss design and safety features that enable comfortable living for senior people.

Safety Considerations—Most important aspect

Safety considerations should be your first priority when designing a bedroom for your elderly loved one. There are several things that you can do to ensure their safety. Firstly, make sure that the height of their bed is considerably high and comfortable.

Secondly, you must eliminate all tripping hazards by replacing smooth, slippery tiles with anti-skid flooring or wall-to-wall carpeting. Moreover, you should avoid cramping their room with excessive furniture and make sure that their walking path remains clear and unobstructed at all times.

Ensure that the room is well-lit

Keeping the room clean and spacious is not enough to ensure the safety of your elderly loved one. It’s crucial that there’s adequate lighting in the room as well. This is especially important if your loved one has weak eyesight.

A dark room can potentially lead to a slip or fall accident, which can severely affect their quality of life. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure proper lighting, especially around doorways and the bathroom area.

Always Remain in Touch

It’s important that they have access to a phone to contact you in case of any sort of emergency. Providing them with a cell phone is probably a good idea, but it’s much better if there’s a landline installed near the bed. Alternatively, you can provide them with a smart call button or an emergency bell. Just make sure that they can easily understand how to use it.

Whether you opt for cell phone, landline, or an emergency bell, just make sure that your loved one has easy access to the device. Having more than one mode of communication can provide you and them greater peace of mind.

Small Things Matter

It’s important to pay attention to detail when designing an ideal bedroom for your elderly loved ones. Make sure that they have all the basic amenities available and try to make everything more convenient for them.

For example, consider replacing doorknobs and lever style handles with open shutter or large drawer knobs; metal handles with more easy-to-use handles; and install curtain panels and drapes that are easy to open and close.


After you’ve dealt with safety considerations and have arranged all the necessary amenities for them to live a healthy lifestyle, it’s time to personalize their room. You can place a familiar rocking chair, hang family photos on the wall, and put their favorite showpieces on the side tables.

If you have the choice, you can give the room a fresh coat of paint with rich and vibrant colors to give a warm feel or perhaps toned down color—depending on their preference. Alternatively, you may also consider installing a wallpaper of their liking.

Looking for a Personalized Care Providing Community?

If you’re looking for a reliable senior living community in Beverly Hills, CA for your elderly loved one, contact AGS Living.

We’re an assisted living community in Beverly Hills, CA who offers customized care to elderly people and highly emphasizes on providing personalized solutions.

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Why Memory Care is Important for Senior Persons Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s

Taking care of your elderly loved ones who have Alzheimer’s disease or dementia can be an extremely exhausting, taxing job. It can take a great toll on both the emotional and physical health of the caregiver.

Alzheimer’s disease or dementia can take away a person’s ability to sustain a regular lifestyle—depending on the severity of their condition. For instance, they might be energetic in the middle of the night, wake up after every few minutes, forget their name, and even show hostile behavior.

Ultimately, as the condition worsens, you’ll have to seek external assistance. When looking for outside help, a memory care community is the best choice to ensure their safety and wellbeing. Let’s learn more about what it entails.

Why Memory Care is Important for Senior Persons Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s

Dementia can be categorized into three stages; mild, moderate, and severe. In mild dementia, your elderly loved one may experience difficulties in remembering names, processing new information, and suffer from anxiety, depression, and loss of appetite, among several other conditions. At this stage, you might be able to take care of them at home.

In moderate dementia, your loved one’s physical ability may get compromised and their judgment may get impaired. They might feel completely energized at night and may face behavioral changes such as aggressive behavior. This will require you to perform some home modifications, like installing safety locks and latches, etc.

In severe dementia, your loved one may suffer from limited or no mobility, extensive memory loss, and find it difficult to swallow food. They’ll require round-the-clock medical care from a professional caregiver who understands the ins and outs of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

The benefits of living in Memory Care for elderly Alzheimer’s patients

Elderly people who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease or dementia require an extremely high level of supervision and skilled care from a professional caregiver, making memory care an ideal choice. It allows them to receive 24-hour care from highly trained professionals.

Memory care units typically offer the same services as assisted living communities, and often exist as an additional wing within these communities. However, they provide more personalized care, as the staff to patient ratio is high, and take additional precautions to ensure the safety of the patients, as they might have a tendency to become aggressive and hostile.

Furthermore, there are several activities arranged to stimulate the memory of such patients, including arts and crafts, music, games—which can help to slow the progression of the diseases. It’s not possible for an individual or an assisted living communities to provide the same level of care and time to the patient as a memory care unit can.

Therefore, memory care communities play a critical part in ensuring the safety of your loved one who is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

Looking for a Personalized Care Providing Community?

If you’re looking for a reliable memory care or senior living community in Beverly Hills, CA for your elderly loved one, contact AGS Living.

We have a memory care unit in our assisted living community in Beverly Hills, CA which offers customized care to elderly people and emphasizes personalized solutions—especially to those with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

For more information, you may give us a call at (818) 881-0055 or visit our website.