Designing the Ideal Bedroom for Senior Persons

Elderly people who have limited mobility spend most of their time in the bedroom. And when designed smartly—and with care—the space can become a safe haven for them. By making just a few simple changes and taking some important safety factors into consideration, you can allow your elderly loved ones to live a comfortable, relaxed lifestyle. Let’s discuss design and safety features that enable comfortable living for senior people.

Safety Considerations—Most important aspect

Safety considerations should be your first priority when designing a bedroom for your elderly loved one. There are several things that you can do to ensure their safety. Firstly, make sure that the height of their bed is considerably high and comfortable.

Secondly, you must eliminate all tripping hazards by replacing smooth, slippery tiles with anti-skid flooring or wall-to-wall carpeting. Moreover, you should avoid cramping their room with excessive furniture and make sure that their walking path remains clear and unobstructed at all times.

Ensure that the room is well-lit

Keeping the room clean and spacious is not enough to ensure the safety of your elderly loved one. It’s crucial that there’s adequate lighting in the room as well. This is especially important if your loved one has weak eyesight.

A dark room can potentially lead to a slip or fall accident, which can severely affect their quality of life. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure proper lighting, especially around doorways and the bathroom area.

Always Remain in Touch

It’s important that they have access to a phone to contact you in case of any sort of emergency. Providing them with a cell phone is probably a good idea, but it’s much better if there’s a landline installed near the bed. Alternatively, you can provide them with a smart call button or an emergency bell. Just make sure that they can easily understand how to use it.

Whether you opt for cell phone, landline, or an emergency bell, just make sure that your loved one has easy access to the device. Having more than one mode of communication can provide you and them greater peace of mind.

Small Things Matter

It’s important to pay attention to detail when designing an ideal bedroom for your elderly loved ones. Make sure that they have all the basic amenities available and try to make everything more convenient for them.

For example, consider replacing doorknobs and lever style handles with open shutter or large drawer knobs; metal handles with more easy-to-use handles; and install curtain panels and drapes that are easy to open and close.


After you’ve dealt with safety considerations and have arranged all the necessary amenities for them to live a healthy lifestyle, it’s time to personalize their room. You can place a familiar rocking chair, hang family photos on the wall, and put their favorite showpieces on the side tables.

If you have the choice, you can give the room a fresh coat of paint with rich and vibrant colors to give a warm feel or perhaps toned down color—depending on their preference. Alternatively, you may also consider installing a wallpaper of their liking.

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