Things To Do During Retirement

Congratulations! After decades of working hard and saving up, you’ve finally retired! You no longer have to be at a job or do things that are required of you. You finally have time for some much-needed “me-time.”

Now that you’ve passed the hard part of spending a lifetime getting out of bed early in the morning, the period of retirement stretches lazily ahead of you, beckoning you with promises of much more relaxed times.

So now that you have free time, you’re probably thinking of ways to keep your calendar full. You don’t want to sit at home and just watch TV (although there’s nothing wrong with that!), you probably want to try out fun, new, exciting activities. Below are a few adventures you can try out:

Take the Vacation You Didn’t Have Time For

Have you been putting off taking a vacation for the longest time? You never had enough time to squeeze in a holiday? Well, now you have enough time to take that long-pending holiday that’s been on your wish list for years. Keeping your budget in mind, plan a nice holiday and have the trip of your life!

Get a Furry Friend

After retirement, your years-long daily routine comes to an end, and you probably won’t interact with others as much as you used to before. That could simply be because you no longer go to the office every day.

Getting yourself a furry friend can keep you companionship and stave away loneliness. Plus, feeding and walking them regularly can also help you establish a sense of routine. Also, pets are good for your mental health.

Pursue Your Passion

Were you really passionate about pursuing something but never did just because it wasn’t practical enough or you didn’t have the time? Whether it’s gardening, embroidery, painting, or any other hobby, you can now follow your heart.

Stay Fit

Years and years of desk jobs leave us with deteriorating health in our retirement, but now’s the time to recuperate and focus on yourself. Make sure you’re keeping yourself fit and focusing on getting stronger. If your health allows, you can join a gym or indulge in sports activities. Just make sure you’re staying safe.

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Benefits of Companionship in Your Later Years

It’s a sad truth, but aging and loneliness go hand-in-hand in most parts of the world. 43% of the elderly population reports feeling lonely and isolated. According to medical studies, this sense of being ‘left out’ and social estrangement can trigger health conditions like dementia and can even lead to an early death if the person is not given the care they need in time.

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Safe Driving for Seniors – Adaptive Aid That Helps

Aging takes a toll on the lives of our senior loved ones in many ways; the (in)ability to drive is one of them. As we age, the nerves in our hands and legs deteriorate, affecting their range of motion. This makes it hard to turn the steering wheel or use the brake and gas pedals.Read more


Beating the Retirement Blues

Most people have their own visions of life after retirement. Some plan on taking trips, taking up an old hobby or spending more time with family and friends. However, things don’t always turn out as expected.

Retirees often find themselves feeling like they’re losing their sense of purpose and end up experiencing feelings of depression and anxiety. Also known as the retirement blues, these feelings can be pretty difficult to cope with and their management requires a considerable amount of time and energy.

Here are some tips that can help you deal with post-retirement blues.

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4 Ways Socializing Benefits Older Adults

Humans, regardless of their age, have an innate need to socialize. Having a strong network of friends and family is essential for the emotional well-being of every individual, regardless of their age. However, keeping up with loved ones can sometimes be a challenge for older adults a.k.a seniors.

Health issues, mobility limitations, and decline of energy are some factors associated with old age that tend to leave a strong impact on the social life of elders. Absence of consistent social interactions can lead to deterioration of the cognitive health of seniors and may even result in reduced self-esteem. On the other hand, maintaining an active social life can decrease stress, lower anxiety levels and increase lifespan in seniors.

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Muscle Building After 60: Paving The Path For Healthy Aging

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As we age, our body’s functions deteriorate at several levels. We may be faced with changes in our musculoskeletal or cardiovascular health, we may experience restricted mobility. While these are all experiences that we can try to prepare for mentally and with our habits, what most seniors do not prepare for is age-related muscle loss, also known as sacropenia.

Sacropenia can start as early as 30 years in some cases and can cause a decrease of up to 5% muscle mass each decade.

Symptoms and Causes

Sacropenia may result in a reduction of the body’s ability to convert protein into energy. This may also lead to a decrease in muscle size and a loss of muscle fibers. The loss in energy may induce weakness, a decreased in stamina and may lead to a reduction in physical activity. Those suffering from sacropenia may also experience low levels of hormones, difficulty in maintaining balance and climbing stairs.

Sacropenia has the potential to greatly impact and impair a person’s functionality. Hence, it is crucial that a regular fitness regimen be in place to help you recover from the loss of muscle mass. Here are a few recommendations.

Ensuring Proper Nutritional Intake

As we age, our body’s daily calorie requirement lowers but we still need several other nutritional needs to account for. A balanced diet that includes lean protein, nuts, greens such as broccoli and spinach as well as food that is plentiful in calcium is a pre-requisite of a healthy diet for seniors. It is also crucial to take multivitamins daily and ensure that you are hydrated sufficiently.

Increase Reps, Not Weights

Increasing weights may lead to overexertion. Rely instead, on increasing the number of reps per exercise so that each muscle group is worked sufficiently to retain its mass. Break away from the typical pattern of 10 reps per set and work each muscle until you begin to feel exercising in gym


Recovery Time Is Important!

According to research, it is more difficult for us to recover our muscles after a workout when we are older, as opposed to when we are younger. This means that older adults may subject themselves to the risks of overtraining, increasing their chances of overexertion and injury. It is therefore recommended that the workouts be spaced with rest days in between. Another way to ensure that you give yourself enough time to recover is by alternating between strength training and cardio workouts.

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Risks of Caring for Someone with Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s Disease is a challenging condition for the individual dealing with it and their loved ones and caretaker(s). Caring for someone with this debilitating condition requires precise care, and if handled incorrectly, can be risky for both the patient and the caregiver.Read more

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Here’s What You Need to Know about Strokes in Elderly

Strokes are one of the leading causes of health concern in Americans today.

With over 800,000 people being affected by strokes annually, nearly 75 per cent of the victims of this disease are over the age of 65. It is the third-leading cause of death in the United States, along with being one of the leading causes of long-term disabilities among Americans.Read more

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How to Choose the Right Senior Living Community for a Loved One

Choosing a senior care facility for your loved is one of the most difficult decisions you’ll ever make. But, it’s also one of the most important ones!

It’s understandable that you’re not sure where to begin and are struggling with so many options to choose from. Choosing the right facility isn’t easy but it’s not impossible either!

There are probably hundreds of assisted-living facilities nearby but only one of them will be the right choice. Here’s what you should take into consideration when making a decision:

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Healthy Aging: Keeping Your Senior’s Mind Active

We often remind ourselves to exercise physically but we seldom remind ourselves to train our brains. It is important to encourage your seniors to stay fit both physically and mentally. When they participate in activities that challenge their brains, not only will they maintain good health, it will also greatly boost their mood.

It is important that seniors consistently participate in activities that help them keep mentally fit. Engaging the brain in creative ways will promote emotional and physical rejuvenation. It will also help them ward off degenerative mental illnesses such as Alzheimer’s or Dementia.Read more