Safe Driving for Seniors – Adaptive Aid That Helps

Aging takes a toll on the lives of our senior loved ones in many ways; the (in)ability to drive is one of them. As we age, the nerves in our hands and legs deteriorate, affecting their range of motion. This makes it hard to turn the steering wheel or use the brake and gas pedals.

However, appropriate adaptive devices can help older drivers overcome physical challenges and drive safely. This allows them to maintain the freedom and independence they cherish. In this blog, we’re going to list a few of them:

Extended mirrors/rearview camera

A reduced ability to turn toward the rearview or side mirrors can be a struggle for older drivers. For a broader view of surroundings, panoramic mirrors are ideal. They help them see blind spots more clearly, and are specifically beneficial for drivers who complain of neck and shoulder pain.

In addition, a rearview camera greatly minimizes upper body rotation when backing out of parking spaces, with the added benefit of proximity warnings.

Swivel seats

Older adults are more likely to fall while entering or exiting the vehicle. These odds can be lowered by investing in a swivel seat cushion that’s designed to help drivers slide behind the steering wheel or exit their vehicle. It also provides additional back-and-bottom comfort.

These seats are very versatile, allowing senior people to rotate their body or increase the height of the seat a few extra inches, making it easier for them to see over the steering wheel.

Furthermore, heated steering wheels relieve arthritis pain and help ease creaking joints.

Seat belt extenders

Limited mobility makes it difficult for elderly people to buckle the seat belts. Pulling and reaching over the shoulder for the seatbelt can be painful. Seat belt extenders make for a safe car ride by adding 4 to 6 inches to the belt, helping the older adults pull the belt and lock it into place.

Pedal extenders

Height loss is a result of aging-related changes to the bones. This, in turn, makes it difficult to reach the pedals. Pedal extenders are used to minimize the possibility of road accidents by extending the length of the pedals, making it easier for elderly people to reach for them. It also improves the driver’s visibility of the road, while maintaining a safe distance from the steering wheel in case the airbag is deployed.

Studies show that quality of life is impacted when older adults stop driving. If you or your senior loved one wishes to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle with medical assistance from expert professionals, then get in touch with our senior living community in Sherman Oaks, CA.

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