How Does Your Senior Loved One’s Lifestyle Affect Cancer Risks?

While cancer is a mysterious disease, one thing is for certain: the chances of developing cancer increases as we age.

Of course, this depends on the type of cancer we’re talking about. The chances of testicular cancer are high amongst men in their early twenties and thirties, whereas, some cancers affect children.

There are other things to take into consideration as well—diet, genetics, and lifestyle. But the last one is always the main focus of the cancer debate. And it gives birth to one important question—how does your senior loved one’s lifestyle impact their chances of being diagnosed with cancer? Let’s take a look:

If Your Loved One is a Chain Smoker

Is your loved one a smoker? Research shows that smoking is the main cause of at least 12 types of cancers. The report further states that smoking is the main cause of death in almost half of the cancer cases today.

If your loved one is a chain smoker, it’s best to educate them about the risks and consequences connected to smoking. There are plenty of things you can do to help them quit. One effective way to help them quit is by slowly shifting towards vaping.

If Your Loved One is a Heavy Drinker

The U.S. is a melting pot of cultures and for every occasion, we celebrate with a grand feast and drink. But if your elderly loved one struggles with alcoholism, this can increase their chances of developing cancer.

It may not seem like it but our diet also plays a significant role in keeping us safe from chronic diseases and illnesses.

And heavy drinking not only increases the chances of certain types of cancers, it can also lead to cirrhosis—a fatal disease that impacts the liver.

Setting up a routine can help your loved one lead a better lifestyle. Slowly and gradually making changes to their lifestyle can help them lead a healthier life.

This is why placing your elderly loved one in an assisted living community can be immensely beneficial. With proper treatment and care, your loved one will get the care they need and deserve!

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