Why Seniors Need to Take More Interest in Sports

That sports and physical activity are essential for health and wellness is a fact that’s universally acknowledged. The need to trudge along as we grow old increases as we enter old age, which is usually riddled with various health complications. Regular physical activity can help you take care of these physical shortcomings and keep you healthy in the mental and emotional departments as well.

Whether you’re exercising for a few minutes every day or visiting a golf course once every week, what matters is that you’re shuffling your body as best as you can. If you have a senior loved one who you’d like to help in terms of boosting their health, take our word and help them get in tune with physical activity.

When we say seniors need to take more interest in sports, we don’t mean to say that they should go all-out and play rugby. Instead, we encourage them to engage in whatever little physical activity would work best for them.

Health Benefits

Most people think physical activity and sports for seniors are only good for social interaction and getting “fresh air.” The truth couldn’t be more different. When you begin counting the health benefits of sports and physical activity for seniors, you find out that it helps them with the following:

  • Physical activity and exercise helps reduce falls
  • Sports help keep obesity at bay
  • Muscle mass retention
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Boosts immunity
  • Reduces the risk of depression, stress, and anxiety
  • Reduces the risk of osteoporosis and arthritis

The Social Benefits

Getting out to indulge in a sport or to exercise means your loved one has an event to look forward to on a regular basis. Not only this, but they regularly meeting with people their age. Interacting with these people is obviously easier and far more productive for them. A social link is created, which helps your elderly loved one have something to look forward to.

This, naturally, helps keep stress and anxiety at bay, and even helps with depression. Moreover, social interaction helps them retain their peace of mind.

Which Sports Work Best for Elders

Like we said, “sports” doesn’t cover everything that is tagged as such. There are certain sports, however, which work better for seniors, such as:

Yoga: This deeply calming and relaxing physical activity is great in terms of mental peace and de-stressing. Certain yoga positions can even help cope with back pain.

Walking: There’s a reason nutritionists and fitness experts have a soft spot for walking: it’s one of the most effortless physical activities you could undertake that is sure to help you remain healthy. The benefits of walking have even been extolled by Harvard Health!

Find More Sports Opportunities for Seniors

AvantGarde Senior Living and Memory Care has a host of clients from Van Nuys, CA, who benefit from the many amenities that the community offers. AvantGarde takes physical fitness and activity very seriously, offering many options to its senior members, including a golf court. Get in touch with us for more information.