What Sort of Exercises Should Elderly Individuals Do?

We already know that exercise is extremely important for seniors or the elderly, a fact backed by ample research. According to studies conducted, regular and frequent exercise is beneficial for senior citizens in many ways. Some of these include; maintenance of cholesterol and blood pressure, improving bone and muscle health and even controlling conditions like arthritis.

If you’re over the age of 65 and are wondering what kind of exercises you should try out or if you’re looking for exercises for an elderly loved one in your care, we might be able to help!

Exercises That Ideally Suit the Elderly

At AvantGarde Senior Living & Memory Care, we’re quite particular about the physical health of our residents. We connected with professionals at our home, asking them about what exercises suit the elderly best and why. Here’s what we came up with:

Aerobic Exercises and Endurance

Aerobic exercises are extremely important when it comes to improving circulation, cardiac health, cholesterol levels, stamina and metabolism. Aerobic exercise can be categorized as moderate and vigorous. 120 to 160 minutes or aerobic exercise is considered moderate. If you’re partaking in vigorous aerobic exercise, half that amount of time is more than adequate.

Moderate aerobics include activities such as water aerobics, walking, level ground cycling, doubles tennis, volleyball and even mowing the lawn. Vigorous aerobic exercises include focused aerobics, sports like football, cycling in hilly areas and martial arts.

Activities for Balance and Coordination

One of the troubles that come with aging is that our skills of balance and coordination may sometimes deteriorate. Though certain conditions may be hard to reverse, the right exercises can do wonders for an elderly person’s balance and coordination, improving the same considerably.

Activities that are brilliant for this include activities such as yoga as well as dance and even Tai Chi.  

Strength Training       

Strength training is as important for the elderly as aerobic exercise. Besides helping with weight regulation, stamina and circulation, strength training is also extremely important when it comes to building muscle mass and improving bone strength and overall physical health.

Examples of strength training options that could be worth trying out as a senior citizen include yoga, Pilates, weight training and even manual labor that involves carrying loads.

Winding Down

If you’re trying to formulate a viable exercise regimen, you can incorporate elements from the activities mentioned above. You can choose to focus on activities that address areas of concern to you or make a routine that involves equal amounts of strength training, aerobic exercise and coordination.

In any case, the more you use that body, the longer it will stay healthy and able. If you’re interested in what other amenities we offer at our senior residence and community feel free to connect with us for more information. Happy exercising!