Are “Brain Games” Effective at Preventing Memory Loss

There has been ample debate when it comes to brain games and how helpful or not they may be. Where there is research that claims brain games have no effect on cognitive improvement in any way, other sources suggest the same can be effective under certain circumstances.

The question however, that many ask, especially those of us who are caring for senior or elderly loved ones is; are brain games effective at preventing memory loss?

The Truth about Brain Games

An article published by the Newyorker online elaborates on how recent breakthroughs have been made which indicate that brain games may be helpful in addressing memory loss and even dementia. We’re going to simplify some of the research in order to explain to our readers how brain games may be helpful as well as the limitations of addressing memory loss with brain games may be.

All Brain Games are not Effective

If you visit the Apple or Google Play Store on your phone or tablet, you can probably find hundreds of computer-based brain games claiming to boost the intellect and whatnot. You must remember that where some of these may actually be useful and effective, all of them aren’t.

Many applications that are presented as brain games are simply mind teasers focused more on entertainment than actual cognitive and intellectual improvement.

Specialized Brain Exercises are Highly Effective

There are certain brain games and exercises that are especially designed by qualified researchers and professionals working closely with conditions relating to aging and the elderly. Many of the activities conducted under our memory care services include such exercises.

When conducted with the support of qualified professionals and done consistently over a period of time with progress being documented, brain games can prove to be very effective.

Brain Games are not a Stand Alone Solution

Simply playing brain games is by no means a standalone solution to address memory loss. Memory loss needs to be addressed on multiple fronts. Other factors that need to be looked after include physical health, diet, levels of exercise and more.

This said, brain games are certainly a great way to supplement other measures you may be taking to counter memory loss.

Winding Down

There is still a lot of research being conducted on how effective brain games really are. Though there is still room for more convincing arguments, there is nothing that proves brain games are either useless or ineffective when addressing memory loss.

If you are struggling with memory loss or someone supporting an elderly loved one who is struggling with the same, we’re happy to help. Feel free to get in touch with professionals at AvantGarde Senior Living & Memory Care for more details on our senior housing, community and other facilities.