Eldercare Decisions: Dealing with Guilt and What You Should Know

Even when the decision is undoubtedly the best decision that you could possibly make, you’re often weighed down by guilt. There’s a feeling that overtakes you when you move towards the final stages of the decision—the overwhelming question of whether you’re doing the right thing. Having a loved one live at a distance from you can have some emotional repercussions, and can affect you to the point where you begin feeling guilty and regretful about it.

While it is completely natural to feel what you’re feeling, know that you’re not the only person who goes through this guilt trip when it comes to senior living. In this blog we explore the reasons that could be behind your guilt trip and provide suggestions on how to overcome them.

The Reversal of Roles

Traditionally and biologically, it’s always the elderly who’re supposed to take care of the young. They look over you and protect you, guard you and educate you, provide you their support as you grow up. You learn as you grow that you can and are dependent on them, accepting this as a de facto role. Yet as old age leans in, there are tables turning left and right. The cared for becomes the caretaker and the supported becomes the supported. This parent-child role reversal has psychological consequences, and takes some adjusting before you can fully come to terms with the situation.

Getting Past the Guilt

Since you’re tasked with the job of relocating your beloved family members, it goes without saying that there’s a guilt trip in order. No thought leans more heavily on the mind than the doubt and suspicions about senior living. Assisted living already comes with a number of stigmas associated to it, and all these rumors collectively contribute towards making you feel heavy and downtrodden.

There are ways to overcome this because you know, at the core of your heart, that while it might be a big decision to make, it is best for everyone involved. If your loved ones require specialized attention and care, someone on a professional level should be providing them with such.

The first step is to anticipate the change. You know change is incoming and you must mentally prepare yourself to tackle it. Then, find out in great detail about the senior living community that you have chosen, satisfying yourself and your loved ones about the quality of care they would receive. Make friends with the staff and get to know more about the environment at the senior living center. Once you find out that the environment is homely and at times even better in terms of providing a communal space, all your worries will vanish in thin air. Knowing that your beloved family members are happy and content is what you’re looking for, and it is how you will eventually get over your guilt trip.

Start the Experience Today

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