The Emotional Process of Moving into an Assisted Living Community

Moving, in general, can be a deeply challenging phenomenon, accompanied by emotional impact and worrisome doubts. The psychological effects of moving from one place to another are multifold and, naturally, come into play when your parent begins living in a community that provides independent or assisted living better suited for the elderly. Additionally, there’s the issue of having lived with one set of people all their lives and having to live with a different one all of a sudden—especially since research shows that there’s a relevance between a sense of community and an individual’s wellbeing, especially in the psychological department.

But while many people think that’s a bad thing—having your parents relocated to a different community—it’s actually the opposite. It’s a simple fact that people are happier and more satisfied when they live with people of their own age, which is of course, a requirement you couldn’t fulfill given the age difference and the generation gap that exists between you and your parents.

But how can you make the transition even smoother, even better? Here’s how:

It Takes Time

Adjusting to a new place takes time, and this is no secret. It can take someone from days to weeks to even months to adjust to a new setting, and everyone settles at their own different speeds. Give it at least one month and at the most 6 months to see if your loved ones have become better grounded in their new situation. If they still haven’t, after 6 months, settled down, you can perhaps take a different route.

Visit Frequently

You must, especially during the initial phases of the move, visit your loved ones regularly and often—as often as you can manage. It can be difficult to take out time from a busy hectic life, but even once a week is a good call. Seeing them on a regular basis is the trick to making them feel less lonely and stressful during the first few weeks of the move. However, if you discover that all your loved one does is wait for you and stay closeted in their room otherwise, try giving them some space and time so that they can adjust better to their surroundings and mingle better with the people around them.

Personalize their New Space

Although the setting might be different and new, they can still have their old belongings and favorite things with them to make them feel more at home. Make sure you’re packing all of their fondest personal belongings and are moving them to a senior living community that focuses on personalized care. People find the best solace in things that they have possessed for a long time.

Looking for a Personalized Care Providing Community?

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