AvantGarde Senior Living: What It’s Actually Like Living at an Assisted Living Community

There are countless difficulties in adjusting to a new place, as has been proven by research, since it is human nature to experience a strong sense of homesickness given how easily we become attached to settings and places. This is, however, not an isolated phenomenon concerning the transitions made by your loved ones to a senior living community but a universal dilemma felt by people of all ages, of all levels of emotional stability. From people who move their homes to people who move to a completely different country, the element of homesickness remains virtually the same. Nothing, though, lasts forever—not even homesickness. Soon enough, people are able to adjust to their new environments, given how homesickness isn’t even about homes.

AvantGarde is a sophisticated senior living community that is geared towards making people feel at home, towards making them feel comfortable and cared for, to ensure that they lack nothing and are left wanting for nothing. But there’s more to our buzzing community, and we’ll explore general living in AvantGarde in this blog.

The Bedrooms

Of course, bedrooms are the sanctuaries most of our members find most comfort in, since it is herein that they rest and it is this space that is personalized for each individual according to their basic needs. Far from having a singular option for bedrooms, we have multiple designs which include the Avignon, the Paris, the Cannes, the Lyon, the Marseilles, and the Bordeaux. There’s a variety to choose from, given how our members all have different preferences and predilections.

3 Care Options

We do not restrain ourselves to a singular care option but instead offer choices between independent living, assisted living, and memory care for our members, who can choose according to their needs.

Spacious and Airy

Our living spaces have been constructed in a carefully engineered manner, all the better to let a copious amount of fresh air in and to facilitate ventilation. Comfortable and refined furniture, bedding, and upholstery are provided for enhanced comfort levels.

Meals at Convenient Times

We understand that at this age it’s not exactly a matter of having standard meal times which are the same for everyone across the board. Different individuals will have different needs, and it’s not necessary that all our members should feel hungry at the same time. We have, thus, the option of convenient meals that are provided fresh at any time that our members want.

Spaces for Socializing

There’s a spacious common area that is always up for visits by friends and family, furnished with plush chairs and soothing lighting. Our members also have the option of socializing among themselves through a number of different activities and entertainment options.

Golf Course

Golf has its own place in our community, with a golf course being provided where many of our members make merry when they feel like it.

Pet Friendly Vicinity

AvantGarde is completely pet friendly since we understand the attachment many members foster with their beloved pets. Many of our members have pets on site. The help that is extended to our members is also extended to the pets should they require it.

24/7 Assistance

Anytime that our members should feel invalid or in need of a helping hand, a good many pairs are on board. Our staff has been trained thoroughly to deal with the members and to answer to their specific and varying requirements.

Know More about Us

If you’re interested in knowing more about how we’re built and how we function, feel free to take one of our virtual tours. You can also leave us a message here for further details.