Why Assisted-Living Is Better Than In-Home Care

Most senior loved ones have more than one chronic health issue they’re dealing with. In fact, the National Council on Aging reports that at least 75% of the elderly deal with one or two chronic health conditions in their later years.

When a senior loved one reaches a certain age where they require around-the-clock assistance but also wish to retain their independence, a senior living community proves to be the best choice. Not only do such communities provide engaging social activities, and nutritious and fulfilling food, they also have 24/7 medical care.

Here are a few reasons why assisted-living is better than in-home care:

1. Assistance with Personal Care

For most senior loved ones, a number of daily activities such as brushing their hair or brushing their teeth can get a bit difficult to carry out on their own.  If your senior loved one needs assistance with personal care, assisted living communities have round-the-clock nurses on board that help the residents carry out their daily tasks.

2. Transportation

Many seniors stop driving in old age, either because a medical condition prohibits them or because driving becomes too strenuous. At a senior living community, residents will have access to chauffeured transportation. They can take a ride to their medical appointments and even for leisure activities such as going out to watch a movie or to a restaurant.

3. Home-cooked Meals

As we mature in age, our appetite automatically gets lesser. Proper nutrition is the key to good health, even in old age. A good assisted living community will provide your senior loved one with wholesome nutritious food that’s freshly cooked by their chefs. They can also be provided with meals that are customized to their medical conditions, and some places even offer gourmet dining.

4. Activities for Socialization

Socializing with peers is an important aspect of a person’s life, especially for the elderly. Our senior loved ones need care and company. Assisted living communities are a better option for socialization than in-home care. With many senior loved ones together in one place, it works wonders for mingling with fellow senior residents and engaging in fun social activities with them.

5. A Safe Living Environment

Communal living is much safer than living at home for many senior adults. If 24/7 in-home care is not possible, assisted living communities are a much safer option. With staff members always around to help, senior residents can live in a secured and gated community. They can summon help immediately in case of any emergency situation.

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