Beating the Retirement Blues

Most people have their own visions of life after retirement. Some plan on taking trips, taking up an old hobby or spending more time with family and friends. However, things don’t always turn out as expected.

Retirees often find themselves feeling like they’re losing their sense of purpose and end up experiencing feelings of depression and anxiety. Also known as the retirement blues, these feelings can be pretty difficult to cope with and their management requires a considerable amount of time and energy.

Here are some tips that can help you deal with post-retirement blues.

Develop a Schedule

One of the major reasons why people begin losing their sense of purpose after retirement is the absence of structure in their days. Most people tend to plan their day around their jobs, which works perfectly until you retire. Not having a pre-set schedule can make it difficult to keep a track of time and use it productively. We recommend planning out activities for each day beforehand, so you have something productive to look forward to.

Focus on Fitness

Health and fitness are often neglected when you’re following a strict 9 to 5 schedule. Retirement gives you an excellent opportunity to make up for the lost workout time and get back in shape. Working out also helps combat a number of age-related health complications, such as heart disease, arthritis, balance and gait issues and more.


Mentor Others

Another healthy way of spending your time after retirement is using it to mentor others. By sharing your real-world experiences with young adults, you can help them make better decisions regarding their life and prepare them for challenges they might experience at different stages of life.

Fulfill your Dreams

Always wanted to learn hand-lettering but never had the time to give it a chance? Retirement is the perfect time to pursue your hobbies and chase your dreams. You can choose to polish your existing skill set by practicing it or develop a new skill by participating in a class.

The best way to beat retirement blues is to embrace the post-retirement life and use the extra time at hand to stay active and involved with the community.  If you or someone you love has recently retired and is looking for a way to lead a productive and engaging post-retirement life, get in touch with AvantGarde!

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