Unveiling the Secrets of Keeping Your Old Folks Happy!

Parents are a blessing. However, amid our everyday busy, routine lives, we often forget that and take them for granted. This contributes to them feeling lonely—and even depressed—at times. In fact, the American Psychological Association states that 15% to 20% of people over the age of 65 suffer from depression.

This is heartbreaking, especially when we know that it doesn’t take much to make our old folks happy!

So, if you want to prevent your lovely parents from falling into a swamp of sadness and despondency, let us tell you some secrets that’ll keep them smiling forever!

Spending Quality Time:

The leading cause of depression among elderly people is loneliness; so it would make sense that what they need in their graying years is company. And because, as your parents, they love and value you the most, it’s a given that it’s your company that they crave.

Sure, your daily life is a chore and you don’t even have time for yourself, but you need to make it happen! Pay them a surprise visit, take them shopping, call them from work! Just let them know they aren’t alone and that they’re always on your mind.

Make Them Feel Needed:

It’s one thing to spend time with your parents, and another to make them feel needed. Most elderly folks tend to feel redundant and even like they’re a burden on society and their loved ones. This can cause self-hatred and loss of self-worth.

Don’t let your dear parents spiral into that black hole, because you know you need them! Ask them for advice; repeatedly tell them in passing how you can’t manage your life without their guidance and support. Talk to them about work and how to raise kids. Make them feel responsible for your achievements. Give them a purpose to live for!

Provide Them with Comfort and Care:

Your parents have done so much for you! It’s time you pay them back. As senior citizens, your parents need extra care and support when it comes to living everyday life. Provide them with living conditions that don’t decrease the quality of their life or standard of living.

If you know anything about your parents, you must be familiar with the fact that they’re more or less set in their ways. So find a living arrangement that is tailored to their specific needs and preferences so they feel valued and cared for at all times, even when you’re not there.

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