Healthy Aging: Ways to Keep Your Older Parents Active & Fit

The worst part about growing up is realizing that your parents are growing older. To us, they’re superheroes who we’ll look up to till our dying breath! And to help these superheroes preserve their strength and superpowers, it’s important that we enable them to age healthily.

Although exercise is the best way to stay active and fit, research has shown that indulging in activities that make you happy can increase your life span and help you age gracefully as well!

So below are a few tips that can help you keep your parents active, fit, and happy in their old age:


Take your parents on a weekend road trip! A change of landscape is just what your old folks need to energize and rejuvenate. Make sure this trip involves landscaping and some recreational activities that’ll keep them busy—and exercising— on vacation.

Help Them Find a Hobby

With old age comes boredom. Help your parents find new interests and hobbies that they never got to try because they had responsibilities to fulfill and you to take care of. Help them explore their passions and maybe you’ll find something that’ll surprise both of you!

This will keep their mind occupied and make them feel like they have a purpose in life.

You can start small; try taking them to a painting class, help them get used to projecting their creativity into the world and they’ll pick it from there. Next thing you know, they’ll be out in the wild taking breathtaking pictures for their photography project!

Help them Bust a Move!

The best way to get your parents to do some exercise while making sure they’re having a good time is to sign them up for tango classes! This will bring the beat back to your parents’ lives and reignite the love between them. In case you have a single parent, well, that’s all the more reason to take them dancing; maybe you’ll be able to find them a new dance partner who can become their life partner!

Comfortable Living

The most important thing that’ll assist your aging parents in leading a happy and healthy life is finding a reliable senior living community for them! We, at AvantGarde, provide for quality care and support to your old folks 24/7 in Studio City, CA.

We provide care options from independent living to senior assisted living and memory care. With several amenities including a golf course and courtyard, we promise to look after your parents’ mental and physical health to the best of our capabilities!

Contact us now to provide your parents with the life of their dreams!