Medical Conditions the Elderly are Susceptible to

As we get older, our bodies get weaker and more susceptible to medical issues. And although 41% of people aged 65 and above are reported to be in good health, the same can’t be said about the remaining 59%.

Below are some of the most common medical conditions that can be especially hard on elderly people:


As geriatrician Marie Bernard, MD suggests, arthritis is the most prevalent medical condition among elderly people. In fact, according to the CDC, it influences almost 50% of people aged 65 and above, leading to severe chronic pain and a distressful life.

Heart Problems:

Heart diseases that include, cardiac arrest, stroke, high blood pressure and more are the leading cause of death in people aged 65 and above. In fact, according to the CDC it’s responsible for taking 610,000 American souls annually!


The second leading cause of fatalities among our elderly loved ones; cancer is found among 28% of men and 21% of women aged 65 and above. It makes old folks weak and vulnerable to many co-morbid medical conditions.


According to the Alzheimer’s Association, one in every nine people over the age of 65 has Alzheimer’s. In fact, it’s believed that since the diagnosis for this particular disease is not easy, there might be a larger percentage of elderly suffering from this horrendous ailment, and without proper memory care.


If the American Psychological Association is to be believed, almost 20% of all people aged 65 and above have some degree of depression. This could be triggered because of a number of reasons. For instance, life can seem empty after retirement. When your elderly loved one feels like they aren’t a contributing member of society, they can fall victim to depression that can even make them suicidal.

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