The Importance of Exercise in the Elderly

You know the old saying, ‘If you want to be healthy, wealthy and wise; do exercise!’? It rings true for all stages of life. Exercise keeps you healthy and active, and with age, these benefits only increase.

As we age, our body starts to weaken; making us more susceptible to injuries and illnesses. However, if you exercise on the regular, not only can you prevent your body from giving up on you, but you can also live a happier, stronger, and more satisfying life in your wiser years!

It Keeps You Healthy

After we cross our forties, we tend to lose 3–5% of muscle mass every passing decade or so. Muscle loss makes your bones vulnerable to fractures, and this is why the most number of bone injuries, including hip fractures, happen in old age for both men and women!

However, if you maintain a healthy lifestyle with exercise, your chances of losing muscle mass and body balance are reduced, which helps you stay strong and fracture free!

It Keeps You Busy

For most of us, the after-retirement life can be quite boring. Especially, for those who’ve been agile and active all their life. Exercising is the best way to exert your body and mind to release any pent up energy within.

Moreover, research has found that our brain’s neutrons perform better when we exercise on the regular. This results in improved cognitive skills and functionalities which subsequently prevent diseases like dementia by 35%.

Other Benefits

Healing Process Reduced:

Exercise causes wounds to heal faster by up to 25%. It also boosts your immunity so you make faster recoveries from injuries and infections.

Quality of Life Improved:

As mentioned above, exercise is good for your cognition and psyche; a healthy body keeps mood swings in check and gives you a positive outlook on life.

Life Expectancy Increased:

With a healthy body that’s immune from illnesses like, diabetes, chronic pains, and heart diseases, you can expect to live a long and happy life!

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