Role of Aromatherapy for Stimulating Appetite in Aging Adults

As our senior loved one’s age, they might face health issues that require constant care and medication. During all this, retaining a healthy amount of weight is extremely crucial for joint health, preventing future diseases, and maintain core strength. However, many seniors lose weight due to a loss of appetite resulting from the medications. Some adults who suffer from dementia simply lose interest in eating anything.

Appetite Stimulation through Aromatherapy:

According to recent studies, aroma plays an equally important part as flavor in stimulating appetites. If you’re taking care of a senior loved one who has lost interest in food, you might want to consider the effects of aromatherapy. Bring to mind the memories of your childhood. We associate important events such as Christmas and Thanksgiving with the smells of delicious food being prepared in the house. Often, just the memory makes our mouth water.

Using these principles, try recreating favorite meals from your loved one’s childhood to entice them to eat. Modern cancer treatments and care communities often rely on aromatherapy to help boost the appetite of their patients. These practices can easily be adapted using a simple essential oil diffuser at home.

Scents That Trigger An Appetite Boost:

While the preparation of food releases many different aromas, using certain oils along with that can help enhance the effects of those aromas. Some of the noteworthy scents include:

Spearmint: This is a popular scent that’s known to aid in digestion and boost mood which, in turn, stimulates hunger.

Tangerine: The sweet citrusy scent of tangerine is known for calming anxiety and stress. It also works similar to spearmint in stimulating hunger and appetite by enhancing the mood.

Peppermint: Often older adults feel bouts of nausea because of the different medications they have to take to stay healthy. Peppermint helps calm the stomach and reduces the feelings is nausea and sickness.

Additional Benefits of Aromatherapy:

Depression creates conditions of lethargy and fatigue as well as a loss of interest in life. Pe

ople who’re depressed and sleep deprived often face increased disinterest in their daily life activities. These conditions directly affect the mood and appetite of seniors and result in a definite decline in the appetite of most people. Studies show that aromatherapy is quite effective in treating depression and insomnia. Scents such as lavender and chamomile can decrease the feeling of depression and help in getting restful sleep at night. This increases energy levels and stimulates appetite as well.

Dining At AvantGarde Senior Living and Memory Care:

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