Myths Related to Senior Assisted Living

Assisted living arrangements for the elderly are often met with skepticism because people worry their lifestyle and privacy will be compromised. Moreover, lower income groups turn away from them because they fear the expenses they’ll have to incur. However, none of this even remotely reflects the reality of senior assisted living communities.

In fact, we’ve listed the most common myths and misconceptions people have regarding assisted living communities to provide you with facts in place of fiction:

Loss of Privacy

This is one of the major concerns people have when checking into a senior living community; assisted or otherwise. The term ‘community’ might portray it as a communal living situation that most private people won’t be comfortable with. This isn’t the case though.

The best senior living communities come with all the benefits of living in a commune, including companionship, support, etc., and none of the drawbacks; meaning they provide you with comfortable and spacious living quarters and apartments that offer complete privacy. Occupants enjoy walk-in closets and even attached baths, making them feel right at home.

No Family, No Help

Some people fear that living away from their loved ones will mean they won’t be cared for. However, what they don’t realize is that ‘assisted’ living communities are especially designed to provide quality care and assistance to people who need it, 24/7.

The best communities have vigilant and kind staff on board who are present all the time to look after the senior residents of the community.

Leaving Behind Your Lifestyle

Another concern people have regarding assisted living is that they’ll have to compromise on the way they’ve always lived their life and adjust to a new lifestyle that doesn’t suit their needs. This can’t be further from the truth! Senior assisted living communities come packed with amenities that not only adjust to your lifestyle, but also help improve it!

In fact, some senior assisted living communities have courtyards and golf courses so your old folks don’t even have to give up on their hobbies of golfing and gardening with friends!

The goal of our senior living community in Studio City, CA is to empower your senior loved ones, while offering assistance and support when needed so they can enjoy life like they deserve to!

We offer quality senior living arrangements for all budgets and care needs, including independent living and assisted living with memory care. So if you’ve finally overcome your irrational fear of senior assisted living community, give us a call at: (818) 881-0055 or just contact us here.Top of Form