Fall Prevention for Elderly Loved Ones

A fall from your youthful prime is enough of a tragedy to live with; our elders can’t deal with more shocks. More than 1 out of every fourth person suffers a fall every year but less than 50% seek medical. With a reluctance to get cured, it seems like prevention is a more a likeable option for the senior members of the community.

As you go up the gradient of age, your body simultaneously responds to this life-changing reality. There will be aches and pains in several parts of the body, cracking joints and possibly even difficulty walking and talking.  This is why our loved ones often experience a fall with almost 800,000 patients hospitalized for the same reason. Body posture is also crucial while treading because side falls result in hip fractures in 95% of the cases.

This is primarily why it’s extremely crucial for us to make living without falls and injuries as easy for the elderly as possible. One fall can cause them a life-long injury or leave them bedridden for the rest of their days. Recovery is also a slow process when you’ve hit a certain age limit; hence prevention is better than cure.

Here are a few suggestions for fall prevention for the elderly.

Wear Sensible Shoes

Footwear is a common cause behind falls and slips in people of all ages. Slippers with a slick sole or less grip can cause falls on a wet floor. It’s similar in the case of walking around in high-heeled sandals or with just stockings on. What you need are shoes with nonskid soles that fit perfectly on your feet. Senior loved ones often look for comfortable shoes that don’t stress out their feet at the end of the day. There is medicated footwear with additional comfort pads that’s perfect for such requirements as it makes it easier for elders to wear. With reduced tension in your feet and less stress on your knee joints, there will also be less chances of shooting pains that cause your knees to buckle under pressure and lead to falls.

Clear The Coast

The living space that elders occupy should be made safe for their use. This means there should be less furniture that’s not lying around anywhere in the middle space, no sharp objects, comfortable seating, and a nonskid floor such as marble or tiles. The goal is to eliminate as many impediments from their way as possible and the only away to do that is by keeping the place neat and tidy. You might also need to add nonslip rugs and carpets if your flooring is slippery. It’s also a great idea to tie and wrap up loose wired or tuck in broken sockets hanging out the wall. You might even want to clear the coast from any shoes or dustbins lying around. If your living space is wood-paneled, you might even need to take care of loose floor boards which are a potential safety hazard.

Light Up The Place

Your eyesight may also suffer due to age, making your vision unclear and blurry. This might lead to unpleasant collisions with dangerous objects and people around the house. You might even skip a step and trip on the stairs in the dark which can cause a serious head injury or cuts and wounds. This is why it’s important to keep the living space well-lit so that visibility isn’t compromised.

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