Benefits of Gardening for Older Adults

Gardening can be a spiritual healing process for people if done right. This applies to people of all age groups. It has a positive impact on one’s mental and physical health and makes for a very productive and meaningful activity!

So when it comes to the benefits of gardening for older adults, there’s a whole list to go through!

So, without further ado, let’s dig in!

Oxygen is in the Air!

We learned in elementary school that plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the air. This makes gardening an excellent activity for older adults, because their intake of oxygen slows down over the years, like the rest of their bodily functions. The fresh oxygen that comes directly from the plants they sow helps them breathe better and is beneficial for them as a result.

The Joy of Bringing New Life!

There’s nothing like the satisfaction of sowing something, tending to it, and then watching it bloom in front of your eyes. It leaves you feeling ecstatic! In fact, it can fill you with a renewed vigor and give your life purpose. For many older adults, life after retirements becomes depressing, as they don’t feel like they’re a contributing member of the society. But when they bring something to life and help it grow, their sense of being and responsibility is awakened and the empty nest syndrome that might be plaguing them!

A Sight for Senior Eyes!

Blooming flowers are beautiful to look at; their beauty and elegance help older people see life in better, radiant colors. This can brighten their perspective with regard to what lies ahead for them. Plants also bear fruits, which can be symbolic of new ventures in life and how no deed (or in this case: seed) goes unrewarded!

Physical Gain without the Pain

For many older adults, exercising isn’t a viable option. Some suffer from arthritis, some have heart ailments; all in all, the best physical activity for them in that scenario is to step out and make friends with nature.

Gardening doesn’t only keep the elderly busy, it can account for the physical activity that’s required per day.

Moreover, when the elderly choose to garden in a community, like minded folks can join them and together they can harvest a beautiful garden that their loved ones can visit them in and take walks in.

In our senior living community in Sherman Oaks, along with a golf course, we provide our residents with ample fields to indulge in gardening so they can plant a dream and see it grow! Contact now to learn about the other amenities we have to offer!