Enhancing Quality of Life Through Art Therapy for Seniors Loved Ones

Over 2 million Americans aged 65 and above shows signs of depression. Since clinical depression is a primary predictor of suicide rates in any country, this age group which only makes up 13% of the total population accounts for 20% of total suicides committed.

These statistics shed light on some really crude realities of life pertaining to old age and the lifestyles that most senior loved ones adopt. There’s a pressing need to address the emotional, physical and mental needs of the senior community and offer them the comfort and solutions that they deserve.

Many people believe wealth and luxuries can enhance the quality of life. True, physical comfort goes a long way in making your life extravagant but material possessions can’t provide food for the soul. Every person yearns to connect with their most basic nature and one effective way to do it is through art therapy.

Art therapy can help make later years truly blissful for the beloved elders in your life and this is how:

Increased Motor Skills and Coordination

Since attention spans tend to lapse at shorter intervals during old age, elders need help with restricting focus on one task and seeing to it that it’s effectively finished. Art therapy works miraculously in engaging their motor skills such that they inadvertently direct all attention on the goal. Emphasis on hand-eye coordination also boosts blood flow which enhances overall dexterity and visual focus. On top of it, since it’s a creative exercise that involves colors and different art medium, people enjoy doing them nonetheless and the fatigue factor has a minimal role. This is particularly helpful for those with arthritis and other chronic joint conditions.

Cognitive Stimulation and Brain Health

There’s a deep and insightful thought process that artists undergo before producing a work of art. The challenge is to think as originally and personally as possible and create something unusual and appealing at the same time. The exercise of racking your brains for new ideas and thinking out of the box reinvigorate brain activity and stimulates cognitive functions. Studies have also proven that art therapy can also delay or reduce the risk of memory problems in diseases like Alzheimer’s. Additionally, the canvas also presents a blank space which creates an outlet for people with mental conditions to channel their thoughts and ideas. This way it also takes the form of a way of self-expression.

Chances of Healthy Socialization

Loneliness is one of the perils of old age and no one wants to be left alone when their hair starts graying. Everyone craves pleasant company to spend their days with and art therapy offers just that. Not only does it bring together like-minded people with similar interests but also creates an avenue where your loved ones can mingle with their age fellows. Social interactions are absolutely essential for enhancing the quality of life and spending your days productively.

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