Uplifting Movies Seniors Still Love

Binging Netflix is a relatively new sensation that’s been taking over the world by storm. In 2018, the average adult spent 3 hours and 44 minutes a day watching TV. If, as an adult or as a millennial, you find TV pleasurable and are de-stressed when you walk home and watch your favorite TV series, the same goes for your senior loved ones. It’s our nature to imagine that since our senior loved ones don’t belong to the same generation as us, they probably wouldn’t be equally interested in watching a good old movie.

On the contrary, movies would work pretty well for seniors since they can keep the audience engaged and invested for longer periods of time. A good, classic movie has the power to keep the audience hooked and to leave them highly satisfied once the camera has stopped rolling.

And we have a list of such movies to suggest.

Anything by Alfred Hitchcock

Apart from the fact that your senior loved one probably grew up watching Alfred Hitchcock movies, it goes without saying that Hitchcock is the master of suspense. From Rope—a movie shot in a single room—to Rear Window, a movie that focuses on the view from a window, Hitchcock knew what he was doing.

His stories are suspenseful, his dialogues witty, and his style of direction perfectly suited for seniors anywhere in the world. Some of his most loved movies include Vertigo and North by Northwest.

Most Things by Stanley Kubrick

The late Kubrick was known for his masterful stories and cinematography. Not only are his movies a visual delight, but most seniors will already be acquainted with Kubrick’s most famous movies and will relish watching them again. The most loved Kubrick movies for seniors include A Space Odyssey and The Killing.

Almost Anything by Steven Spielberg

Few seniors will not recognize the name that was behind the phenomena that were Jaws and Jurassic Park. Iconic movies of their own age, these movies are sure to keep any senior invested in the man-vs.-wild theme that runs throughout.

Charlie Chaplin

From City Lights to The Gold Rush, anything with Charlie Chaplin in it is a feel-good nostalgic watch, certain to entertain any senior who watches them. The small episodes of merriment and the classic black-and-white, silent features are relaxing and suit seniors best.

My Fair Lady

Based on the George Bernard Shaw play, My Fair Lady is a hilarious and deeply satisfying movie for seniors. The film follows the chronicles of a young woman who has dreams of becoming a lady, and the trails she has with her teacher along the way. Light, humorous, and a movie that will always leave you feeling great on the inside, this is one movie you don’t want your senior loved one to miss.

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