Health Guidelines for Seniors

Anyone who has gone through aging or has seen a senior loved one plough through time’s tribunals knows that aging does not happen in a vacuum. It has its ups and downs, and is characterized by many health upheavals. The body goes through significant changes, thus with time, the needs of an aging senior change as well. One can no longer abide by the same health rules that applied to them in their adulthood or youth.

If you or someone you love is aging, it’s best to follow some health guidelines to ensure that the aging process is as graceful and painless.

The Physical Changes that Come with Aging

To start with, one begins losing muscle mass, and the bones start going hollow. This is reflected in the many complications of the musculoskeletal system such as arthritis, which affects 54 million people in the US.

Weight gain and weight loss are both possibilities since as we age, we tend to move about lesser. The lack of physical activity means we’re burning fewer calories, and thus putting on excess weight. On the other hand, weight loss is associated with not consuming the right nutrients in our daily diet, or with chronic illness.

Any of these complications can have potentially long-term and harmful consequences, such as the development of diabetes or heart disease.

However, with the right health guidelines, it’s easy enough to take good care of your senior loved ones.

What to Do to Keep Your Senior Loved One Healthy as They Age

While it’s inevitable that the body will go through changes as someone ages, given below are measures you can take to ensure good health. Always remember that a Body Mass Index (BMI) ranging between 18.5 and 24.9 is healthy for seniors. Similarly, you can gauge weight-based issue by measuring the waist: exceeding 35 and 40 inches for women and men respectively are indicators of subsequent weight issues.

Additionally, follow these guidelines:

  • Keep up with a nutrient-dense diet. Low-fat and sugar-free, with more fruits and veggies incorporated into the daily diet
  • Control the portion sizes, and balance between excessive consumption and malnutrition
  • Chalk out physical activity for the day, even if it’s only for a couple of minutes
  • Fresh air is important since it aids in blood circulation

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