Fun Activities That are Loved by Seniors

When we think of old age, we think of rather boring images: people sitting on benches in parks, Forrest Gump Style, and people watching City Lights as they get their medication for the week. This is probably because our understanding of old age makes us want to think that seniors aren’t really interested in anything that’s “fun.”

The truth couldn’t be far from this.

Because at the end of the day, age is after all just a number—and seniors love having fun just as much as we do. Of course, their ages mean that the forms of fun that appeal to them aren’t exactly what interests us: such as memes or Fortnite.

There are other activities that appeal to them, though. And some of these have been discussed in this blog.


Yes, believe it or not, your senior loved ones come from an era where blogs and podcasts weren’t a thing. They grew up reading text in black and white, such as newspapers and books, and most seniors still love the pleasure of going through a good book. They might have vision loss that stops them from reading, though. This problem can be easily resolved through audiobooks, which are less straining for seniors.


You might think that your senior loved ones have isolated themselves and don’t like talking, but you forget that you aren’t exactly the same generation. Your problems are different, your stories are different, and hence your priorities are different. Seniors like talking and socializing, but with people more in line with their own age and generation. An assisted living community where others like them are members is the best place to allow their social side to flourish.


Our seniors probably weren’t as obsessed with the gym as we are, and their fix for physical activity came mostly from walking. You must remember that this isn’t something they did as part of their regular workout routine but rather opted for because they walked to school, to the nearby marketplace, and so on.

The Television

The television was already making waves when your seniors were as young as you, and they grew up watching some great television (and definitely better songs compared to what we have in store these days). If you think they’re not interested in the television, it’s probably because they’re not interested in what you’re watching.

Looking for a Senior Living Community with Fun Activities?

AvantGarde Senior Living and Memory Care has a range of members from all over California who benefit from the various amenities that the community offers. These include a lot of fun activities, so be sure to get in touch with us today!