The Role of Regular Exercise in an Elderly Person’s Life

As we age, though still capable, our bodies are sometimes not in the peak shape that they once were. For this reason, sometimes additional care is needed to stay in shape for those of us among the older quartile of the local population.

The NCBI (commission of the US National Library of Medicine – National Institute of Health), published a report stating the importance of physical activity and exercise for seniors. Having worked extensively with people within the stated age bracket, we couldn’t agree more.

What Role Does Regular Exercise Play in an Elderly Person’s Life

As an elderly living community, one of our areas of focus is providing residents with the physical activity they need. Exercise and regular physical activity play a number of roles in improving the live quality of the elderly. This is not just physically but emotionally as well. Allow us to elaborate.

Increasing Life Expectancy

Exercise is known to help improve life expectancy, particularly in those who partake in it regularly. It does this by keeping our body chemistry and metabolism healthy as well as by getting rid of toxins and waste material within the body.

Muscle Mass, Bone Density and Stability  

Our bone density and muscle mass tend to deteriorate as we age. This is particularly so if our physical activity is limited. Regular exercise coupled with a healthy diet improves both muscle mass and bone density. This in turn contributes to overall mobility and stability.

Cardiovascular Benefits

Regular exercise helps us get rid of excess fat and ensures that our cardiovascular system is in optimal shape. Given that cardiovascular disease is a leading cause for death not just here in the US but across the globe, exercise is a vital activity to combat this.

Reduction of Dementia Risks

Studies show that individuals with lives devoid of proper exercise, in most cases, have a higher likelihood of suffering from dementia. For those who exercise, this probability is significantly reduced. Furthermore, guided exercise for those who have already come down with conditions like Alzheimer’s is also helpful as this helps delay the progress and onset of the same.

Relief from Boredom and Depression

Finally, regular exercise also contributes to the emotional wellbeing of our aged and elderly loved ones. As you know exercise releases endorphins and make those partaking feel happier, healthier and more independent.

Winding Down

There are other benefits that exercise may hold for those we love who have passed their prime so to speak. If you’re looking for a senior living community in Calabasas, CA offering an extensive range of facilities for your senior loved ones, feel free to check out the senior living amenities we offer.

If you require more information about what we do and how we can contribute to better living for your senior loved one, feel free to get in touch with us! All the best until then!