How the Lack of Sleep Triggers Alzheimer’s

Insomnia isn’t the only problem that can affect you if you’ve been losing more sleep than is necessary. According to sources, the daily requirement for sleep for adults aged older than 65 is a solid 9 hours. That sleep deprivation has links with dementia is something that has been proven by many researches and studies, among them Washington University School of Medicine and National Institutes of Health. In this blog we explore what actually happens inside the brain and why sleep is so important, especially for the older gentry who need the right amount of sleep in order to ward off some of dementia’s adverse effects.

Beta Amyloid

Between the neurons in the brain are filled with beta-amyloid, which is a metabolic waste product. When this waste product accumulates in the brain it leads to impairment in many brain functions, and ends up causing Alzheimer’s, or other forms of dementia. When someone suffers from Alzheimer’s in particular, beta-amyloid gets clumped together in clots which harden into plaques, and thus the smooth communication between neurons is hindered.

What does all of this have to with sleep though? Read on.

Sleep and Beta-amyloid

When you sleep, the beta-amyloid is restricted from accumulating in your brain, and is kept duly off neural premises. Losing sleep, thus, speeds up the process of having this metabolic waste accumulate inside your brain, and Alzheimer’s is also more speedily acquired. Combine having Alzheimer’s already and losing sleep, and the problem is exacerbated tenfold, with double the usual hassle.

Lack of sleep thus doesn’t just affect the brain cells but also causes dementia to take hold. When someone has Alzheimer’s, their beta-amyloid level increases by 43%. And it doesn’t just subside when you’ve had a good night’s rest. What you need, therefore, is a regular sleep pattern that can fight this negative phenomenon.

How to Ensure You’re Getting the Right Amount of Sleep

Having an environment that is relaxing so as to help put you or your loved one to sleep is important. A comfortable surrounding and cozy bedding, the right kind of lighting and proper meals, an overall relaxed physical state and a stress-free disposition—all contribute to a good night’s sleep.

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