The Many Benefits of Meditation for the Elderly

Wisdom, like good wine, only gets better with time.

But after a lifetime spent gathering wisdom from various life experiences, there’s a need for restoring lost energy. Old age can be unimaginably harsh for elders who have to cope with weak bones and lost muscles. With every inch in the body aching with age and weakness, they need to have mental peace at least to get through life. Meditation is an excellent way to relax the mind and detox negativities from your system.

Here are many benefits of meditation in old age.

Improves Condition With Alzheimer’s

The onset of Alzheimer’s in old age are significantly high. Almost one third Americans who are above the age of 85 suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. This makes Alzheimer’s a major cause of concern for the elderly. Since it’s a progressive disease, dementia and other symptoms related to it worsen with age. It can have debilitating side-effects like raging emotions and memory loss. However, studies have shown that breathing exercises and mindfulness through meditation can slow the pace of this disease. It is also known to help with mental conditions like depression, anxiety and stress that are experienced alongside dementia.

Improves Digestion

With weaker limbs and a sedentary lifestyle, elders often complain about digestive problems. It’s true; the digestive system can suffer greatly if there’s no physical activity. Even with it, diet and age can have an adverse impact on your digestion. Luckily, there’s a way to combat it through meditation. The deep breathing exercises included in meditation help revive the blood circulation that oxygenates blood. Unless digestion is affected by another medical condition, meditation should resolve the issue.

Sharp and Focused Mind

How often have you noticed yourself losing focus over the simplest of things? This is because sharpness of the mind is in decline after a certain age. What elders wish the most for is alertness and a stress-free attitude, both of which can be attained through meditation. Through meditation, parts of the bran responsible for planning, personality development and self-awareness enlarge so as to make this side dominant. On the contrary, the amygdala responsibility for stress and anxiety shrinks in real.

Do you feel like you’re losing agency as an individual because of old age? You need engage with meditative practices that will help you age like wine.

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