The Importance of Introducing Outdoor Activities to Your Senior Loved One

Researchers and medical experts continue to advocate for outdoor physical activities for the elderly. There is said to be a correlation between outdoor activity and physical and mental well-being of individuals, especially for older adults.

Let’s take a look at the ways outdoor activities can help your senior loved one.

Enhances Short-Term Memory

Memory loss is often an imminent feature of aging. Older individuals are more prone to developing a memory impairment condition than younger adults, which can even interfere with their cognitive functioning.

Research has shown that spending time outdoors can have memory promoting effects.  In one study, participants performed a memory test both before and after going for a walk outdoors. The group of individuals who walked in a natural outdoor setting performed better in the second memory test than those who had been in a more urban environment. The findings of the study reinforce the hypothesis that connecting with nature helps improve memory functioning.

Improves Relationships

When you get outdoors, you have a chance to meet other people and boost your social interactions. This may be done in several ways, be it through outdoor recreational activity, spending time with friends, or meeting new people. The simple act of being outside in a natural environment diminishes the intense feelings of isolation that older adults often feel and promotes their social interaction.

Several psychologists have affirmed this assumption, highlighting the impact of nature on a person’s social relationships, mental functioning, and overall well-being. Being outdoors helps in overcoming feelings of loneliness and boredom and further polishes their social skills, which helps in maintaining meaningful relationships.

Reduces Inflammation

The recurring illnesses your senior loved keep experiencing may be because of an increased inflammation! When this happens, a number of ailments are triggered such as bowel disease and autoimmune disorders.

As it turns out, spending time outdoors in nature can reduce inflammatory levels significantly. In a study conducted on elderly patients, participants who were sent on a trip to an evergreen forest exhibited lower inflammatory signs than those who spent the same amount of time in an urban landscape. This goes on to show that engaging in outdoor activities and spending quality time with nature has health benefits for a senior individual.

At AvantGarde Senior Living & Memory Care, we ensure that our senior residents are participating in fun and easy outdoor activities to promote their wellness.

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