3 Fun Outdoor Activities for Your Elderly Loved Ones

Physical exercise and outdoor activities are important for individuals of all ages, be it young children or older adults. They allow you to stretch your muscles, improve cognitive functioning, and promote overall wellness.

Here’re a few ways your senior loved one can maximize their time outdoors.  

Games & Sports

The relationship between physical exercise and outdoor activity on an individual’s health has been studied among senior participants, with the findings indicating a strong correlation. For older adults who aren’t restricted by their mobility, participating in a number of outdoor sports and games is a great way to promote physical as well as mental health.

Golf, cycling, and jogging are among the most popular sports activities elderly individuals prefer to engage in. They can also indulge in an outdoor game such as ring tosses or even a competitive match of chess in the park. Even going out for a stroll outdoors helps in refreshing the mind and promotes physical fitness.

Fishing & Bird Watching

For those of us who prefer indulging in an activity that doesn’t require too much movement, bird watching and fishing are ideal! These may not be the most thrilling activities, but they help in calming your mind and have therapeutic effects.

Fishing is also a great way for the elderly to bond with their family and friends as they spend the day together out on a boat, enjoying the sun and breeze. Similarly, bird watching can also serve as a fun activity for likeminded elderly individuals who connect with nature and experience the soothing effects while enjoying each other’s company. Both activities require little effort and are easy to conduct.

Trip to the Farmer’s Market

Being outdoors doesn’t necessarily mean getting your hands dirty or participating in physically challenging activities. It can be cherished through something as simple as a trip to the local farmer’s market or a flea bazaar nearby!

Farmer’s markets in particular give our senior loved ones the perfect opportunity to connect with nature as they scavenge for fresh produce. They can scurry along the different stalls that offer a huge variety of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and a lot more, enjoying the warm summer temperatures. Flea markets are also a great way for them to discover unique and cheap local crafts.  Roaming around the many stalls and stands will give the elderly individuals just the dosage of physical exercise they need!

Our residents at AvantGarde Senior Living & Memory Care senior housing get plenty of physical exercise through an array of outdoor activities to keep them healthy and active. We also arrange for outdoor gatherings and barbeques.

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