Technology Tips for Seniors

A recent study has shown that over 60% of senior citizens are now frequent internet users. But there are still so many avenues where as a senior person, you tend to feel completely lost. There are just so many things to keep track of, unlike back in the day when you could only reach people through one medium.

We have some tips for our lovely seniors to learn more about social media, their smartphones and other gadgets.

Rapid changes in technology are becoming increasingly hard to keep up with. The technological advancements are leaving even the newer generations bamboozled with what’s trending and what’s not. Younger folks are more occupied with keeping up with the gadgets, but seniors are more concerned with staying connected to their loved ones.

Choosing good passwords and remembering them

When you’re online, you’re going to need to have a password for almost everything. This is important because you want to make sure you’ve secured everything; a lot of your personal information is being used online.

When you choose a password, choose something that you know you’ll always remember. It can be your favorite grandchild’s name (you know you have one) or your pet’s name, or your spouse’s birthday. It’s a good idea to not have the same password for most things, but you can also use a variation of one to use for more than one thing.

Become Social Media savvy

Trying to keep up with social media trends can be very confusing. So even if you familiarize yourself with at least one platform and learn how to use it well, you can stay connected to your loved ones as often as you want.

For example, if most of your family members use Instagram and you want regular updates on your grandchildren and children, you can make an account and simply follow their accounts as well. If most of your old work buddies are on Facebook, you can use that to reconnect with them by writing on their walls or sharing interesting articles.

Become smarter than your smart phone

Smart phones are becoming very user friendly with each passing day. The rules are getting simpler; you can easily educate yourself a little bit more every day by taking out a little time. Remember, the more you use your smart phone, the smarter you will become at making it do what you want.

Use half an hour of your time to learn a new thing on your phone each day. For example, you can learn the voice automation feature and maybe help someone else learn it and then move on to others. You can even learn to download your favourite games on it and use it for recreational purposes.

The caring and compassionate staff at Avant Garde senior living facility in Encino, California understands the challenges for senior loved ones when it comes to technology. We offer our endless support via assisted living to ensure their quality of life maintains a standard they are comfortable with. Feel free to connect with us for more information.