Steps for Choosing a Memory Care Community for Your Loved One

Parting with a loved one can be a trying experience, especially if that loved one is a parent or a grandparent. But sometimes, you’re not mentally and physically equipped to provide them as with the care they deserve. In fact, if your loved one is suffering from ailments like dementia or Alzheimer’s, it’s best that you find them a community that can see to their needs and provides memory care 24/7.

But how do you decide which memory care establishment is the one for your loved one? The tips below might help you find the answer:

Do They Specialize in Memory Care?

There are many renowned senior living arrangements in America that offer living spaces for elderly people. But many of them aren’t equipped to provide memory care for people who need it. Therefore, you must first look into their memory care program and find out how extensive it is. Some senior living communities superficially touch upon memory care and don’t realize what it truly means or entails. Thus, they fail to provide robust memory care to patients suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia. As a result, many patients experience further deterioration of their faculties. Therefore, it’s crucial that you investigate and every potential care community regarding their stance and treatment of patients who have impaired memory to find out if they’re ideal for your loved one.

How do They Go About it?

Another important question to ask is how the memory care community goes about its mission of treating patients with Alzheimer’s. Memory loss is different for everybody, so does the community cater to the different ways in which this disease affects different individuals? What are their treatment criteria? Do they resort to medication or do they use a non-drug alternative to help with changes in memory?

If a community is hesitant about answering any of these questions, they’re probably not a good choice for your loved ones. However, if the community is equipped to answer these questions and assures you that they can take care of your folks just as well as you can with their detailed plan of action, you’ve picked the right one.

What Else Do They Have to Offer?

Remember, you’re not looking for a health facility; rather, you want a living arrangement that feels like home. Therefore, it’s important that the community you choose for your loved ones offer emotional and mental support along with medical care. We, at AvantGarde understand that life with Alzheimer’s is a challenge in its self. Therefore, we make it our goal to provide the best memory care along with social companionship that can help rejuvenate their soul and mind!

Our senior living community in Sherman Oaks specializes in memory care and offers multiple care options for you to choose from. Contact now, to find the best memory care option for those who you care about the most!