Living Large in Sherman Oaks: How to Live Your Best Life in a Senior Living Community

Watching people we love get older and face issues related to aging that deprive them of their independence can be difficult. Health concerns can result in sleepless nights and it’s only normal to want what’s best for them. A viable option that includes a happy and healthy lifestyle for older adults takes the form of a senior care community.

According to Statista, there were around 15,836 senior care communities in the U.S by 2015. Any person that crosses the age of 60 will sooner or later require long-term care. But not all communities are created equal. Some offer a better standard of living than others. One community that stands head and shoulders above the rest is AvantGarde Senior Living located in Sherman Oaks.

In this blog, we go over a few reasons behind AvantGarde’s success and what makes it the ideal elder care community for your loved ones.


One common fear found in older adults is being deprived of their independence. Some have even identified this as a scarier prospect than dying. Not being able to carry out the simplest of tasks – such as deciding when to go out for a walk – can make a huge difference to someone that’s been able to do so for the past 50 years of their life.

AvantGarde is designed to be wide, spacious, and has ample space for moving around. Members are encouraged to engage in physical activities that allow them to retain their mobility and sense of freedom.

Personalized Care

Receiving personalized care can be difficult especially if the senior community functions with a smaller staff. Fortunately, AvanteGarde does not suffer from staff shortages and ensures each member of the community receives the individual attention they deserve. In fact, upon arrival, each member is inquired about their hobbies and interests and a personalized plan in made to make their stay as enjoyable as possible.

Emotional Assistance

As people get older, their mental and physical defenses tend to become less effective. Consequently, it’s not unusual to find older adults suffering from illnesses such as dementia, depression, or memory loss. The caretakers at AvantGarde have years of experience in dealing with seniors and are more than able to provide emotional assistance whenever needed. Every effort is made to ensure each member of the community leads a full and dignified lifestyle.

If you have an elderly friend or family member that is need of care then bring them to our elder care facility in Sherman Oaks, California. You can also contact us for any queries or question you have.