Independent Living for Veterans and What You Should Know

According to statistics, there were over 9.3 million veterans of retirement age in America in 2015. While the bulk of these veterans are from the Vietnam War, the others include the Korean War and WWII veterans. 4.8 million Of these veterans have retired already with the rest of the 1.6 million set to reach retirement age over the next decade.

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) offers various benefits such as pension, health funds, and assisted living facilities for these veterans. However, in order to qualify for these benefits, the veterans must be over the age of 65. Most veterans can start feeling overwhelmed and can develop various health issues that require extra attention.

Independent Living facilities for veterans

Independent living facilities are the ideal community homes for senior veterans to retire. In most cases, the VA will assist in paying for the rent of such communities if the veteran is eligible. Veterans older than the age of 65 earning a limited income or on veteran’s pension are usually eligible for VA benefits. However, the veteran should have served a minimum of 90 consecutive days on active duty to qualify. Veterans who have been dishonorably discharged cannot claim senior housing benefits.

Benefits of Independent Living for Veterans:

Veterans are more susceptible to mental health issues because of what they’ve been through. PTSD is quite common among veterans. Senior living communities provide a sense of belonging and ensure the veterans get the special care they need.

Here are a few other benefits of being a part of the community of independent living:

Self-Reliance – A vital part of military training is being able to survive on your own. Senior veterans enjoy being self-sufficient and having a sense of responsibility. Independent living facilities offer individual living spaces where veterans can enjoy their privacy without sacrificing the community atmosphere vital for their mental well-being

Active Lifestyle – Veterans have spent most of their lives living an active lifestyle and going through necessary training. When staying in shape is no longer a part of their lives they can tend to get depressed and lethargic. Senior living facilities provide specially designed fitness routines to help seniors retain their active lifestyle.

Rehabilitation Services – Many veterans have faced injuries during their time in active duty. As they get older, those injuries start creating problems and in some cases require treatments such as physical therapy. Most independent living facilities offer rehabilitation services and an in-house therapist to help veterans deal with various physical and mental issues.

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