Assisted Living Mistakes to Avoid

Taking care of aging loved ones is important yet challenging and sometimes heartbreaking. There are times when our loved ones such as our parents, aunts and uncles or even close family friends who have looked out for us reach an age where living alone is no longer advisable. This may be due to reasons relating to physical health, emotional/psychological wellbeing or a combination of both. In any case, when such a time comes, looking into an appropriate assisted living community is often the best way forward.

Making Sure What You Choose is Best for Your Senior Loved One

We obviously want to make sure that those we care for are afforded every comfort and convenience possible when looking for an assisted living community. We want what is best for them. Somewhere they will be cared for and will have the space and access they need to leave pleasant and satisfied lives.

If this is so, there are certain mistakes you need to avoid when choosing an assisted living facility. We’re going to elaborate on these to help those of you currently immersed in the process.

Not Involving Your Senior Loved One

Sure choosing an assisted living facility is a task that might fall on your shoulders but you must remember that it is your senior loved one who will need to live there. Even if your senior loved one suffers from conditions like Alzheimer’s where coherence at times comes into question, involving them in the choosing process is an important. This ensures they will be comfortable in the community you eventually choose.

Rushing the Process

There may be occasions where you visit a certain community and think; “this should do”. Don’t do that. Don’t rush the process. Choosing a senior living community, for your loved one, means doing your due diligence, and considering all particulars.

This includes everything from available facilities and daily routines to overall costs and qualifications of the staff working there. Take your time, check out your options and don’t jump into anything that does not feel right. Visit the facility, talk to staff members, ask for a full tour and do everything you need before signing a contract. Above all, never make such a decision under pressure and don’t forget to read the contractual fine print!

Prioritizing Proximity

There are times when people prioritize proximity over the dependability and quality of care provided at a given facility. Try to avoid this. Though proximity is important, it does not top the importance of having a facility appropriate and suited to your senior loved one.

If you find a facility that is really spectacular but maybe a bit of a drive from where you are, don’t forego it. A drive down on the weekends is not that hard to manage!

Winding Down

We want the best for our senior loved ones. We want to know they are safe, secure, looked after and happy. If you’re located in Calabasas, CA there are some brilliant senior living and memory care communities you could look into, including our own.

At Avant Garde Senior Living & Memory Care, we offer your senior loved ones numerous options including assisted and independent senior living homes and apartments. We also offer care for seniors with Alzheimer’s and provide a community environment which is pleasant, safe and satisfying for those residing with us.

If you require more information on our services, feel free to connect with us.