The Early Signs of Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s is the 6th most fatal cause in the U.S., and affects every 1 in 3 seniors. Of the many forms of dementia, this is the most common, characterized by memory loss and other mental disabilities.

Together, these minor complications become a hurdle in daily life, which is why the disease becomes such a cause for concern. When detected at its later stages, it can be difficult to manage. However, if you can detect the early signs of Alzheimer’s, dealing with it becomes far easier.

And if you’re wondering how you can tell the early signs off, we’ve got a list ready.

Inability to Solve Problems

If you or a loved one you know has begun having problems solving problems—especially if these are very basic issues—then Alzheimer’s might be on the go. Look out for minor problems in daily life, such as calculations and expenses, answering questions coherently, etc.

The Familiar Becomes Taxing

Often, with the onslaught of dementia, familiar tasks become difficult and confusing for the patient. Even the minutest of tasks, such as scrambling eggs or brushing teeth, become unimportant and vanish from the patient’s routine, signaling dementia.

Inability to Determine Place and Time

If you observe that your loved one is having difficulties determining where they are or what time it is, this could be related to dementia. They will also have difficulty making plans and deciding what they want to do in the future because they’ll have lost sense of time.

Loss of Vision

Although the loss of vision on its own isn’t necessarily related to dementia, if you observe that your loved one is losing vision in addition to experiencing any other symptom on this list, dementia could very well be causing it. This could range from not being able to judge distances to having difficulty reading or watching TV.

Losing Things

Although many of us are often forgetful, let’s not forget that if your loved one is frequently losing things at an elderly age, they could be moving toward Alzheimer’s. It could be something as minute as forgetting a key, but that’s the key to your quest.


The most damning of things to happen, especially when a parent is involved, is when they begin to forget you. They might not remember your name or not remember who you are entirely, they might act confused or scared. Whichever the case, make sure you’re not dismissing any signs of Alzheimer’s that you should be aware of.

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