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Memory Care at AvantGarde Tarzana

AvantGarde provides nurturing and targeted therapies at each stage of Alzheimer’s & dementia to enhance the quality of life. We use leading-edge memory, sensory and social stimulation techniques to create a better sense of well-being, motivate interaction, encourage socialization, and improve eating and sleeping habits. For example, we provide state-of-the-art 3D Virtual Reality with interactive experiences that are specifically designed to improve the physical, mental and emotional well being of those suffering with dementia.

Memory Stimulation

Our memory care experts work closely with individuals suffering from dementia and Alzheimer's  to improve their memory and thinking skills and to help them cope with memory loss. Activities such as word games, puzzles, reading, art projects and physical exercise are used to stimulate the mind and body—providing an improved quality of life.

Sensory Stimulation

AvantGarde uses sensory stimulation as a nurturing therapy to activate the one or more of the senses. It can be as simple as the smell of freshly cooked popcorn or oven baked pizza, listening to a favorite song or the soothing touch of a hand massage with essential oils. It can spark old memories, reduce stress and anxiety while improving mood and physical responses.

Social Interacton

Our approach to social interaction helps memory loss individuals move from daydreaming towards socializing and connecting with others–keeping their minds exercised and responsive. Socialization creates a sense of belonging and helps boost self-esteem, which leads to better eating habits, more exercise and better sleep.

Q: What is Memory Care?

A: Memory Care is specialized care that is provided for each stage of dementia including assistance with a decline in daily living activities. Care also includes medication management along with activities and therapies specifically designed to slow the progression of disease.

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