Why Elders Deserve Respect and How To Treat Them Right

Respect is the foundation of every cordial relationship; especially the ones we share with senior loved ones. They deserve respect from you and this shouldn’t ever come with any strings attached.

Follow one simple rule and life will be blissful for both you and your beloved elderly family members: give respect, expect nothing. Just remember on the way that for any relationship to reach the heights of excellence, it takes immense effort, tolerance and time.

Sadly, during the later years of their life, elderly people neither have enough strength in their bones or their hearts to invest in their relationships with younger folk. They’ve already done their fair share of duties while raising you to become the people you are; it’s time to give back to them. Respect can be the most gratuitous return for their selfless efforts.

What Respect Means To Them

It takes a lot less than physical hurt someone to damage a relationship. Slamming a door in the face of an elder or mocking their age-related health conditions is enough to trigger a depressive episode. Why? This is because disrespect is in fact a negation of their existence and a rejection of their agency. The worst thing that can happen to an old person is being made to feel unneeded and unloved.

One of the many perils of aging is losing your place in society, at home, and in the hearts of your loved ones. Just because they can no longer do plumbing repairs around the house or drive around all day to drop the kids off at school and soccer practice doesn’t mean they have no place in the home they built.

These senior loved ones may be retired parents or grandparents who are down with a lifelong illness. They’ve already life moved past their prime and that reality check is difficult enough to cope with. Piling on the hurt of your own negligence because you can’t respect them is nothing short of a disappointment. If anything, respect is not a favor; it’s a debt that we owe to them.

How Is Life For Them Without Respect

Elderly people are increasingly being pushed to the margins of the society, with no regard for their contributions whatsoever. These are people who have dedicated their entire lives in service to their families and society at large.

With retirement behind them, there’s nothing life-changing to look forward to. With no career aspirations, medical wonders, or service options in sight, it’s not unreasonable for them to think of themselves as nothing better than old furniture.

Respect is the last anchor they have in their old life and we owe it to them to not deprive them of this hope as well. It’s not only important to care and look after their needs, but also give them that place in our lives that makes them feel important. They’re usually in a crisis where feeling irrelevant in the fast-paced life of the younger generation is a perpetual dread. With respect and affection, they can be brought out of this misery and bloom once again.


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