What’s Putting Your Elderly Loved One’s Heart at Risk

As we get older, the risks of developing heart disease get substantially higher. If you’re worried about the health of your elderly loved one, it’s better to take steps to protect their heart and reduce the risks of developing serious health issues.

Here’s what’s putting your elderly loved one’s heart at risk.


High cholesterol levels are by the far the greatest threat to your elderly loved ones, especially if you have a family history of heart attacks.

If your loved ones have ignored their diet for most of their life, it’s about time they finally start paying attention to what they put into their bodies.

Maintaining a healthy diet in the later years of life is of utmost importance, mainly because your body doesn’t function as well as it used to and its immune system isn’t as strong as before.

As their cholesterol levels go up, so do their risks of developing heart disease. The risks are even worse when your elderly loved one is a smoker.

High blood pressure

The heart is responsible for pumping blood throughout your body. Hypertension or high blood pressure causes the muscles in your heart to thicken and get stiffer. When the heart muscle stiffens, it can no longer function smoothly and the chances of getting a heart attack increase.

High blood pressure also raises the risk of kidney failure, stroke and congestive heart failure.

Obesity and Overweight

Having excess fat around the waist increases the risk of having a stroke and developing heart disease.

Physical inactivity

A sedentary lifestyle poses a serious risk for elders. According to the American Heart Association people should exercise at least 30 minutes a day. Just half an hour of power walking goes a long way for seniors.

Engaging in physical activity helps moderate cholesterol levels and blood pressure.


Diabetes increases the risks of getting heart disease substantially. People who have diabetes and high blood sugar levels, the chances of developing heart disease are even higher.

The American Heart Association states that 68% of diabetics above the age of 65 years die due to heart disease.

If you have a loved one with any of the above issues, introducing them to a senior living community can help keep their health in check.

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