Top Ways to Help Your Senior Loved Ones Look at the Bright Side!

Elderly people are more likely to deal with mental health conditions as they age. This is especially true for those who lose partners and other valuable family members along the way.  A study predicts that the number of senior people who have mental and behavioral health problems in the US will increase to 15 million by the year 2030. Therefore, it’s important for you to nurture and check up on your senior loved ones. Make them feel cherished, loved, and wanted.

Below, we’ll discuss some ways to help your senior loved ones look at the bright side amidst all the problems they’re facing.

Focusing on Improving Physical Health

Our physical health is inevitably linked to our mental health. Many experts go as far as to argue that one cannot be in balance without the other.  When older people experience a decline in physical fitness, they can become immobile and dependent on others.  Encouraging your senior loved ones to partake in physical exercise daily will help them regain lost energy and   have a more positive outlook on life.

A past study conducted by Harvard found that just walking for an hour every day can decrease the onset of depressive symptoms by around 26 percent.

Healthy Eating Habits

What we eat affects how we feel. Ensuring your senior family member consumes a nutritious, well-rounded diet will go a long way in making them feel hale and hearty. Omega-3 fatty acids, for example, are known to reduce the symptoms of depression. Ask your senior family member to consume salmon or mackerel, as these are rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

Moreover, if your elderly loved one tends to engage in mid-week drinks or smokes cigarettes, warn them of the dangers and encourage them to stop. Not only are these habits a sign of stress, but they also limit their ability to have an optimistic outlook.

Keeping the Mind Occupied

Old people sometimes feel isolated if they find themselves sitting alone in their rooms for long periods of time with little to do. It’s important for them to adopt small daily habits for better brain functioning and memory, and to maximize their mental health.

Motivate your loved one to engage in activities like reading, writing, or even doodling. Mental puzzles like crosswords or board games can also be extremely helpful.

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