The Power of Communication: The Benefits of a Senior Living Community for a Widower

According to a study by the Journal of Women’s Health, marital status plays a major role as a factor influencing disability and mortality in people. Married people become used to having a partner to share their daily struggles. In case of death of a spouse, both genders struggle to cope. Studies have shown that becoming a widow or widower increases the risk of depression and mental issues.

Life becomes tougher for Widowers!

It has been observed that men experience greater negative effects on their health when their wives pass on as compared to women becoming widows. Men get used to women becoming primary caregivers when they are ill for general housekeeping. This is because older people tend to stick to stereotypical gender roles when it comes to responsibilities as a married couple.

Women are also considerably open to expressing emotions of grief and sadness. Men find it more difficult to express emotions and openly communicate about their loss. This increases the likelihood of depression among widowers.

Benefits of Senior Living Communities:

Being a widower isn’t just a challenge for the social lives of seniors but can also affect their retirement plans. Living alone can increase the feelings of grief and can make it difficult for people to move on. Senior living facilities provide the feeling of community while promoting an independent lifestyle for seniors who wish to retain control over their lives. For widowers, it can give them a sense of belonging while reducing the feeling of isolation associated with losing your life partner.

Some common benefits of living in a community home for widowers include;

Fostering new friendships – Widowers tend to become loners which can speed up the aging process as well as increase the risks of mental health issues. Community homes provide a rich community experience for widowers to rebuild their happy social lives. Living around people with similar situations can increase empathy and provide a feeling of being understood.  The communities also provide regular gatherings and events to promote social interaction and create lasting friendships and even romance in some cases.

Adjusting to the new life – For widowers, adjusting to their new life can be very difficult. Having no one to open up to, to care for, and to manage the various household tasks can be overwhelming. Due to preconceived notions of gender roles, older men tend to rely completely on their spouse for cooking and cleaning. Retirement communities can help them in adjusting to this life by providing round the clock care and assistance. Residents don’t have to worry about menial tasks such as preparing food, cleaning the house or grocery shopping.

Feeling Safe – Most people worry about their health and well-being after losing a loved one. Senior living facilities give them the peace of mind they need for their general well-being. With the emergency response system within the living quarters provided by the facility, residents can enjoy their life without the fear of being alone.

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