Socializing Over 60


According to a government census, following the crossing of the baby boomer generation from fifty to sixty, the number of seniors living in the US has risen exponentially.

For those who are part of that age bracket and still on their feet, socializing, though not always, may be a concern.

The Importance of Human Contact

Being alone is scary. There’s no two ways about it. Furthermore, being on your own can also become dull and depressing. There may be times where you feel like the walls are closing in on you and wish there was someone around whom you could connect with.

Where many senior citizens have the privilege of being surrounded with family or friends, some of us may not be so fortunate. If you’re someone over 60 who wants to socialize, things may be a little more complicated than they are for younger folk.

There are, however, ways in which you can socialize post 60. Here’s what we’ve got!

Revisiting Old Friends

A great place to start looking for company is your past. Many of us have friends who we have been immensely close to but have lost contact with due to time and circumstance. The good thing is that social media is a great way to look up and reconnect with people you used to know.

Make a Facebook account. If you have one, look for old friends. Maybe some of them have social media accounts too and would be thrilled to reconnect!

Interest Based Socializing

Another way to meet with and connect with new people is by connecting with your interests. If you like exercise, take a class, if you want to educate yourself, look into workshops and seminars or go on a wellness retreat maybe!

Finding people who are into the same activities as you is brilliant because you’ve already got common ground. Think about stuff you used to want to do. Maybe you wanted to take a photography class or teach print making at a local school.

Find what you love doing and put yourself out a bit and you will find people.

Senior Living Spaces

If you’re someone who feels they would rather not go out of their way to socialize or someone who feels living alone is starting to become unbearable, you can always look into senior living options. Senior living centers and facilities are not just great because of the care and resources you have access to.

They also offer you opportunities to socialize and connect with people and live in an environment that is warm and feels like a community. No more sleepless nights or long hours alone in front of the television. You’ll have people just down the hallway who you might be able to socialize with!

Winding Down

As we said, socializing and human contact is both essential and healthy for anyone regardless of age. If you’ve gone over the tips above and feel you’re more interested in the last one, we’d love to have you drop by our senior living home.

We offer everything from independent and assisted living to memory care communities and other luxuries and amenities to residents from Studio City and other parts of L.A. Remember, if you’re staying with us, you’ll never be alone.