Living the Good Life: The Importance of a Family in a Senior’s Life

Whether it’s a child learning to take their first steps, a teen striving to get through college, an adult trying to make ends meet, or a senior loved one looking for compassion, the importance of family remains pivotal at every stage of our lives.

When it comes to elderly people, they tend to live happier and healthier lives if they’re surrounded by the people they love the most. According to the American Institute of Aging, 65% of senior loved ones emotionally rely on their family’s support. The study also states that despite getting assistance from senior care communities, 30% of senior loved ones still consider family their number one support system.

Let’s take a more detailed look into the matter:

Psychological need

According to a study, when people age, their physical and psychological needs change. Their emotional landscape changes, and so does their behavior. In this phase, there’s increased dependency on loved ones. The study also suggests that as people age, their fears increase. They fear bad health, injuries, and the idea of estrangement from their friends and family. This fear is natural, and occurs to most of our senior loved ones, as it’s an inevitable aspect of aging.

With age, the way elderly people look at their social roles changes. There’s a need to validate their existence through increased participation with social groups, communities, and their family. In such times, if a senior loved one finds themselves isolated from the ones they love, they lose their self-worth.

Mental wellbeing

As per research, family connections help senior loved ones maintain a better quality of life. 1 out of 3 senior people feel lonely and isolated. This can contribute to psychological problems, for instance, stress, anxiety, and even depression. At an age when they’re vulnerable to a myriad of ailments, added stress is the last thing they need.

To reduce the chances of loneliness, it’s recommended that you visit your elderly loved ones on a routine basis. Even when there are days you can’t visit them, you can  give them a video call and make them feel like you’re there.

Another greater way of making senior loved ones feel happier and socially is by making them frequently interact with their grandchildren. As per studies, grandparents are far more compassionate, loving, and caring towards their grandchildren than they are to their own children.

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