Picking the Right Assisted Living Facility for an Elderly Loved One with Dementia

Coping with dementia is, naturally, a hard thing to do. But it is, perhaps, harder for the family members of a person suffering from dementia to wrap their heads around the changing shape and mannerism of their loved one. After all, you are not a person who has any professional training or knowledge regarding what to do with, or how to treat a person who is suffering from Alzheimer’s or any other kind of dementia. Additionally, the ordeal becomes a lot more difficult to manage when it’s a loved one, or a family member, or a friend, because in this care your emotional involvement might get in the way of logic and entice to you to make irrational decisions—which, while made with good intentions serve no purpose other than complicate matters for your loved ones.

The best option would be to find a residential senior living community near you which has professionals on board, who have been trained in the field and know best how to extend a helping hand to individuals with dementia.

Provided in this blog are a few things we suggest you look into carefully before finally settling on a senior living community.

The Location

Two things come into play here: the proximity of the area to your own residence and the laws of the area in which the facility is located. The principal objective should be to ensure that the facility is located in the same state as you so that you can pay frequent visits to your loved ones, and through these regular visits keep them grounded to reality. Also consider the amount of medical assistance your loved one needs. Find out more about the allowances and terms that are California specific here.

The Size of the Facility

You’re looking for comfort and you won’t find it in a facility that is tiny in size, as you may be sure it will be housing quite a number of members. These dynamics also affect the services that are provided therein since the team will be understaffed, overworked, and provide unsatisfactory performance. We suggest find a facility with one staffer for each 5 or 6 members, which is manageable.

The Services

A senior living community is only as good as the services that it offers. Find out as much as you can about the amenities and facilities that are being offered, some of which might include:

  • The kind and timing of meals
  • Sports
  • Avenues for socializing
  • Personalized care
  • Entertainment
  • Health care

Think in terms of enhanced and improved quality of living, with services that are specifically tailored to serve all specific needs that might arise with the various members.

Looking for a Senior Living Community near Van Nuys?

Discuss with us at AvantGarde Senior Living your problems, requirements, and concerns. We offer various options of living which include independent living, assisted living, and memory care. We specialize in providing customized care and are well known for providing a number of facilities to our members, such as sports, theatre, transportation, etc.